"Let's make it together" – a recreation area around Iordanske lake

About “Petrivka” project (working title of the object)

“Petrivka” is a new project of Arricano company. This project will begin not from construction of a shopping mall, but from social initiative aimed to improve living conditions of residents. The first step is participation in socially important plan of actions “Let’s make it together” initiated by Kyiv State administration.

Mission of “Petrivka” Project

Mission of “Petrivka” project is to create comfortable conditions for recreation of those who live in or visit the location, to preserve and to maintain non-interference with eco-system around Iordanske lake and Pochaina river.

Why these ideas should be brought into life:

Realization of "Petrivka" project and creation of a recreation area around Iordanske lake will allow not only to maintain eco-system, but also to create comfortable conditions for recreation and sports. Planting trees and flowers will allow improving the ecological level on this territory.

Analytics and expertise related to the present condition of the territory around Iordanske lake:

Residents are concerned about the level of sanitary and technical conditions of Iordanske lake and Pochaina river. They regularly complaint to the corresponding municipal institutions about dirt, rubbish, poor lighting, absence of litter-boxes, and irregular cleaning of the area. Today the territory around the lake is maintained by municipal communal services.

Principles and steps aimed at improvement of the area.

• Residents, public organizations, governmental authorities of Kyiv and region, and experts (architects, ecologists, naturalists) will be invited to discuss the concept of the area improvement and creation of a recreation zone.

• Within the program realization framework it is planned to employ the best international experience of big cities where in urban conditions an integral eco-system of terrestrial and water environment of lake and river is preserved.

“Petrivka” project and social investments for residents aimed to improve the adjacent area:

• Creation of a special recreation zone with recreational places;

• Construction of a sports ground;

• Construction of a playground;

• Designing of race tracks, cycle lanes and pedestrian paths;

• Renovation of a parking zone, including planting of trees and flowers;

• Installation of public toilets, automated devices for sale of birdseed for local birds, including ducks and swans.

• Lightening of streets and paths, installation of park lanterns;

• Creation of a modern recreational quay around Iordanske lake and Pochaina river as an integrated complex.

Mykhailo Merkulov, General Director of Arricano considers that the cooperation of developers with public organizations, experts and local authorities means a new level of efficient work which can change this territory and the city in general to the better. “Multi-faceted co-operation of developers with community and local authorities demonstrates not only professional approach in construction of new building complexes, shopping malls and multifunctional centres, but also underlines social importance of each developer who changes and improves the image and the development of the city”.