RayON Shopping and Entertainment Centre (SEC)

RayON shopping mall is the only modern shopping and entertainment center of European format in the Troieshchyna residential area in Kyiv. Given the densely populated area of this microdistrict, as well as due to its convenient location, convenient transport interchange, balanced tenant mix and interesting events, the RayON shopping mall has become a center of shopping and cultural life in Troieshchyna.
In the RayON shopping mall there are shopping galleries, supermarket "Silpo", Boomer cinema, cafes and restaurants, entertainment center Game Park, as well as the entire range of necessary services that allows us to meet the needs of Troieshchyna's residents in high-quality shopping near their homes.
RayON shopping mall houses such well-known retail operators of clothing, shoes and accessories as O'stin, Olko, Sinsay, Arber, Colin's, Atlantic, Dytiachii Svit, ALLO, Brocard, Maltina, Zolotyi Vik, McDonalds.
The concept of the RayON shopping mall's building combines an original architectural concept from the Estonian architectural bureau EHALA & IRIK and the Ukrainian company Creative Architectural Workshop Mriia. The shopping mall is a 4-level building, two floors of which are completely reserved for a spacious parking for 860 cars.
Events held in the RayON shopping m all are designed for different target audiences. Master classes and fun holidays are for young visitors, discounts and promotions are for adults.
RayON shopping mall offers its target audience the most comfortable shopping experience, an optimal set of brands and a full range of services.
This is also evidenced by the high loyalty rate of visitors to the shopping mall - more than 80% of those consumers who live in the area prefer this particular object as the most convenient one for shopping. In addition, in 2020, the All-Ukrainian journal "Novoe Vremya" and the Association Ukrainian Retailers distinguished the RayON shopping mall in the rating "Best medium-sized shopping mall in million cities."
The slogan of RayON shopping mall is "The center of brands and trends in Troieshchyna."

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Lavrukhina street, 4, Kyiv
Year opened
Bureau of architecture
EHALA & IRIK (Estonia) and Creative architectural studio “Mriya” (Ukraine)
24 350 sq.m
34 200 sq.m