Opportunities for Ukrainian brands at Arricano shopping malls

During April 2017, 5 stores of Ukrainian manufacturers will open at Arricano shopping malls: at Prospekt shopping mall - Vovk and Brooklyn, at RayON - Season, at Sun Gallery - A.Tan, SUF.

Anna Chubotina, the Director of the Retail Space Department at Arricano, notes that the most active Ukrainian manufacturers represented in the company's shopping malls are retailers in two product categories - fashion and «accessories and jewelries»: «At the end of 2016, we had 19 Ukrainian fashion category stores and 8 stores in the accessories and jewelries category. At the beginning of the second quarter of 2017, we expect plus 4 Ukrainian fashion retailers and 1 retailer in the accessories category».

The most densely Ukrainian manufacturers are represented in Kyiv shopping malls - in Prospekt shopping mall - 14 operators (Zolotiy vіk, SUF, Names'UA, Vovk, Arber, Marsee`s, AnabelArto, Langora, Bembi, Laboca, NataliBolgar, MustHave, UA Made, OLKO), in RayON shopping mall - 11 operators (Vovk, Arber, Zolotiy Vіk, Giulia, Lavis, OLKO, Mida, Bembi, Promin, VdOne, HelenA)

«In the fashion category Arricano gives a lot of opportunities for Ukrainian manufacturers, both beginners and professionals», - says Anna Chubotina. - «There is an opportunity not only to open a manufacturer's brand store, but also to try their hand at the first Ukrainian department store of Ukrainian producers Names'UA».

Interest among buyers to Ukrainian manufacturers and brands is being preserved. Despite the fact that now the consumer is more pragmatic, he wants and is ready to buy interesting and high-quality goods of Ukrainian manufacturers.

«It is important that at last the trend for the Ukrainian light industry products presence is dynamically developing on the shopping malls' sites. Four years ago, we suggested the Government to establish either quotas to shopping malls' owners for Ukrainian manufacturers mandatory presence on the shopping malls' sites, as it was financially uncompetitive, or - the state stimulation of the shopping malls' owners for such manufacturers' presence at their sites by reducing the VAT rate. Today it is gratifying that at shopping malls Ukrainian brands are making Ukrainians more and more pleased. We hope that such a trend will continue to have the same positive dynamics», - comments Tetiana Izovit, the President and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ukrlehprom Association.

The Arricano team believes that the potential of cooperation with Ukrainian manufacturers and fashion brands is great. However, the lease relations between the shopping mall and the tenant is a two-sided choice process, where the product quality, brand potential, positioning are important for the lessor, and the shopping mall's traffic, tenant mix and active marketing are important for the tenant; this is interaction and development.