Natalia Denysiv was appointed the Acting Director of the Arricano Retail Space Department

In January 2020, Natalia Denysiv was appointed the Acting Director of the Retail Space Department.

Natalia joined the Arricano team in June 2015 as a rental specialist and in 2019 has become the Deputy Director of the Department. While working in the company, she was responsible for tenant-mix development and cooperation with tenants in the Company's shopping malls – “Sun Gallery”, “City Mall”, “RayON” and “Prospekt”.

On the position of acting Director of Retail Space Natalia will continue to form a sustainable and mutually beneficial partnership with tenants, develop and implement new modern concepts and perform reconceptualizations of the malls, implement projects aimed at improvement of financial performance and turnover of mall operators.

“It is a significant personal and professional challenge to become the Head of the Leasing Department. We are happy that Natalia has agreed to take such responsibility. During her work at Arricano, she has proved to be a highly professional specialist who can be relied upon and a strong team player with leadership skills. The fact that Arricano’s internal specialists develop and make career is also extremely important,” Anna Chubotina, CEO of Arricano says.

“It is much easier to become a self-confident professional when you are surrounded by people who motivate, support, inspire, and demonstrate by personal example strong competencies in making strategic business decisions. Our team has many ideas, which we will start to implement in the near future. Namely, we are going to extend the choice of brands, services and recreation space among each target group of visitors of the shopping mall”, Natalia Denysiv, Acting Director of the Department of Retail Space shares her plans.

Natalia Denysiv's professional experience includes managing lease and brokerage contracts in “Velyka Kyshenia” network, “Equator” and “Bessarabskii market”. She got her education at the Kyiv National University of Internal Affairs and the Academy of Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, and obtained the qualification of “Master of Law” and diploma with honors. Natalia also attended courses and training in commercial real estate management.