From Prospekt shopping mall for Kosmotabir 2022 – a new CSR initiative in the Arricano portfolio

"Generous Tuesday" is a world-famous trending social project, which is joined by the inhabitants of the planet, in whose life position charity and social manifestations play an important role. Since 2018, an integral part of this movement is the All-Ukrainian day of good deeds, which falls this year on November 30 and will be held in the "Generous Race" format. 

Prospekt shopping mall joins this trend with the initiative "From Prospekt shopping mall for Kosmotabir 2022", with the idea of bringing together friends and brand ambassadors of a well-known shopping mall to help the "Bachyty Serzem" foundation together.

"Our company's CSR portfolio includes a considerable list of social projects that we have implemented in the social space of the shopping mall. Some of them relate to targeted support for people who need help. Others are implemented on a partnership basis, where we, together with other brands, offered our community solutions to socially significant tasks. This time, in the Kosmotabir, we start with a new format for us, encouraging friends and ambassadors of Prospekt shopping mall to join and develop their own social position. People to people, from people to people, with an open soul for the "Bachyty Serzem" foundation, which deals with inclusion issues", – Inna Sotnikova, Director of Prospekt shopping mall and ambassador of this challenge, shared her own insights.

The essence of the project is to collect donations for "Kosmotabir". This is an inclusive summer camp, whose mission is to draw public attention to inclusion issues and help children fully develop and socialize in our society. A separate program is to work with volunteers and teachers who interact with children in the "Kosmotabir".

Inna Sotnikova created a fundraising campaign on the Kind Challenge platform so that Kosmotabir would be supported by as many people as possible –

"The main message of the social space of Prospekt shopping mall is Space For Everyone. After all, inclusion is about accepting those who are not like you, and creating new meanings together. Nowadays, shopping malls cannot stay away from the processes taking place in society, in particular from the topic of tolerance. On the contrary, they can become platforms for good deeds, as they interact with a wide offline and online audience and have the necessary experience," Inna Sotnikova added.
The values promoted by Kosmotabir correspond to the Arricano's ESG policy.
About the company's corporate CSR portfolio:
•    Teachers' Self Upgrade case in Prospekt shopping mall
Prospekt shopping mall has implemented a social and educational project for more than 100 teachers of the capital – Teachers' Self Upgrade. Its goal was to support teachers, focus them on self-motivation and self-development, and strengthen their adaptability to new challenges. The meeting was held in the format of a business conference, during which educational experts shared life hacks on working with technical tools, talked about formative assessment and multiple intelligence. 
Arricano attracted other socially responsible companies to organize the event, including Multiplex, VOVK, Colin's, and may Ukraine. Moreover, as it turned out, it is important for teachers to feel supported outside the educational sphere and understand that they are in demand by society. 
The Arricano team intends to continue the Teachers’ Self Upgrade project together with partners and brands where the ESG program and Corporate Social Responsibility are part of the business strategy. One of the directions has already been identified – the formation of the teacher's brand as a strategic profession and field of activity in the state, which plays a key role in the elitism of Ukrainian society.
•    Crowdfunding campaign "Kinder together" 
During the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the City Mall shopping mall, a Community Point platform was organized, where you could bring clothes and shoes for the poor people. The items were accepted by volunteers of the local charity foundation "Soiuz Myloserdia". Thanks to the initiative and concern of Zaporizhzhia residents, it was possible to collect things for dozens of families and subjects of public organizations. 
A similar charity event was held during the birthday of the RayON shopping mall, located in Troieshchyna. The project partner was the charity organization "Doloni Dobra". The event was also supported by the Desnianska district administration. 
•    Meet&Talk by Arricano - a social project about what bothers Ukrainians
Arricano has launched the Meet&Talk video project to discuss issues that are relevant to Ukrainians without prejudice. The first issue was prepared specifically for the audience of parents who have to face new challenges in raising children. The speaker of the issue was Vladyslav Holovin, Deputy Editor of Forbes Ukraine, founder of Father's Club and author of the book "How to be a cool dad". During the discussion, he covered issues such as death groups on social media, confident parenting, generational relationships, responsibilities, and parenting pitfalls. 
Full issue of Meet & Talk:
Arricano's social projects have already been ranked in the "Top 25 Best CSR Programs" rating by "Vlast deneg". You can see the rating here: