"From me for everyone" as a new range of social upgrade projects in Prospekt shopping mall

A fair of social enterprises was held in Prospekt shopping mall with a loud message "From me for everyone". These words have a deep meaning that corresponds to the visionary model "Society is my personal contribution". 
Participants of the fair give jobs to the blind people and people with disabilities, and invest part of their profits in solving socially important issues. Therefore, those who buy products will also join the cycle of helping others for the public good. 
The idea of a social upgrade and a new model of interaction at the pre-event of Prospect shopping mall, which was attended by influencers: Vasyl Nazaruk, Head of the Social Investment Program Western NIS Enterprise Fund, Oleksandr Sanchenko, Member of the Parliament of Ukraine, Viktoriia Batui, TV presenter, philanthropist, Vira Shelest, Field adviser to the UN Refugee Agency, Artem Kornetskyi, Expert in the field of social enterprise, Volodymyr Sheihus, Expert in the field of Civil Society Development, Anna Hulevska, Expert in the field of social enterprise, Kateryna Rozora, Founder of social business, as well as Anna Chubotina, CEO of Arricano, Olena Obukhivska, Communications Director of Arricano and Inna Sotnikova, Director of Prospekt shopping mall. 
"Today we live in an organized society, where the majority can realize themselves and achieve success. However, there are socially vulnerable people, even entire groups of people who need attention and support. Some of them are in difficult life circumstances, someone needs a home, healing, restoring relationships and a chance for a new life. We have a lot of work to do, we are inspired and disappointed, but we continue to follow the chosen path. And more and more Ukrainians are beginning to share our values and personally join the initiatives of the social good cycle.  The idea of the fair in Prospekt shopping mall is a good opportunity for everyone, that is, both the manufacturer and the buyer, to add on their own behalf for everyone. Moreover, big business represented by Arricano joined the field of social entrepreneurship, professionally supporting the participants," said Kateryna Rozora, co-organizer of the fair.  
"It is valuable for me to be here today and draw attention to such a sector of activity as social enterprises. There are still relatively few of them in Ukraine, but in Europe they are active players in society and market relations, because they play a role in solving socially significant issues, lobbying them among various relevant stakeholders," Vasyl Nazaruk, Head of the Social Investment Program Western NIS Enterprise Fund.
Oleksandr Sanchenko, Member of the Parliament of Ukraine, presented a legislative position at a press conference: "Social entrepreneurship as a new aspect of the industry requires a high-quality regulation. Therefore, in the Parliament, our group is working on this issue in order to improve the conditions of activity at the institutional level." 
"I believe that it is important for everyone to develop their own socially responsible position, be a self-philanthropist and be inspired by the fact that there are opportunities to help others, because reciprocity from person to person is the formation of a wide range of charity activists," TV presenter Viktoriia Batui shared her thoughts.
"There are many refugees living in Ukraine. And our task as a global international organization is to help integrate people seeking protection from other countries into our community and employ them. And it is precisely social entrepreneurship that is the model for interaction," Vira Shelest, Field adviser to the UN Refugee Agency, commented on the global position.
"When a big business supports a small one, there are new impulses of interaction to develop together – brands, people, and entire organizations. When there is a social component in cooperation, it further forms a strong core," Alla Didenko, Communications Manager of the Ombudsman's Office. 

"Social entrepreneurship has the potential for development, niche and competitive advantages, including the emotional component. This certainly requires knowledge of strategy, management, and marketing. However, the visionary mission attracts consumers," added Artem Kornetskyi, Expert in the field of social enterprise.
Volodymyr Sheihus, Expert in the field of civil society development, said: "According to the classical definition, civil society is a combination of non-governmental organizations that work to realize the interests of citizens and individual segments. And just the presence of a trend of social enterprises in Ukraine is proof that our state is steadily developing in this direction, imitating the practices of other countries where visionary business activity is the norm."
Anna Hulevska, Expert in the field of social enterprise, shared real cases: "For many people, employment in this model is the only chance to find a job. And we try to reach the participants as much as possible in order to become a reliable support for those who need it." 
"At Prospekt shopping mall, we regularly hold events aimed at solving socially important issues. Therefore, "From me to everyone" is not just a resonant naming of the fair. This is also our position of people2people interaction. Therefore, we are gladly open to such cooperation," Inna Sotnikova, Director of Prospekt shopping mall. 
Arricano is convinced that the shopping mall is a place for generating new ideas in order to form opinions and attitudes, transmitting values "from person to person". "We hope that the message "From me to everyone" will confidently anchor among customers. And the fact that the fair was held in the shopping mall can be a good impetus for further promotion and support of social entrepreneurship," Anna Chubotina summed up. 
"No matter how it may sound, we hold press conferences at Prospekt shopping mall, discuss completely different issues of social, artistic, demographic or literary topics. We are moving beyond retail, expanding the range of cooperation and joining the missionary vision of a social upgrade," said Olena Obukhivska, Communications Director at Arricano.