Vardui Batrakova: duality, socialization and reality in City Mall

This year City Mall (Zaporizhzhia, Arricano company) turns 10 years old. Director of the shopping mall Vardui Batrakova commented on the upcoming event.

We see how the world is becoming even more dual and combines opposites: material and spiritual, values and things, socialization and individual contemplation with self-immersion, as well as online and offline, real and digital. And in the future, these opposite directions will develop, not by displacing each other, but on the contrary - by strengthening.

This gain can be easily traced using the example of a shopping mall. The more different online stores there are, the more people want to go to the mall for shopping to feel all the emotional moments of a new shopping experience. This is about consideration and tactility, the ability to try on, please yourself and buy, as well as communication and consultation with sellers.

Online does not yet provide such a cycle of personal feelings. Although this channel has its advantages – quickly catch and order, and then wait for delivery.

According to many visitors to our shopping mall, it is important to be confident in your own purchase, so many remain supporters and "advocates" offline.

If we talk about the future, then even now there is a clear trend – this is the need for emotional content and comfort. Therefore, requests for services, for example, delivery, which can cost up to 50% of the product price itself, become more relevant. Consumers are willing to pay, because, as the saying goes, "A spoon is dear when lunch time is near."

Today, the electronics market is growing. After all, it is important for consumers not only to update their wardrobe, be trendy and improve their style, but also to improve home comfort, replace household appliances with new improved models, follow new products in the gadget segment, as well as expand subscriptions to online services: YouTube channels, social networks and applications, access to movies.

In my opinion, it is also important to maintain family values, develop relationships and get to know each other more. Families with children, young couples and friends want to spend more leisure time together, because it strengthens relationships. It is this concept of developing family values, respect and care that we actively use on our City Mall communication platform: both on media platforms in social networks and during events for guests of the shopping mall.

And this also shows duality – in social networks and in the media, we create a lot of interesting user content about fashion and style, think through life hacks on how to attract users to the shopping mall, so that when a person comes to the social space of the shopping mall, they can feel and see everything with their own eyes.

Yes, the world is changing rapidly, and technology is making life easier. Therefore, people have more time for personal fulfillment, search for new sources of inspiration and leisure.

Our team feels all this and develops empathy to better understand the audience of visitors.

This year City Mall turns 10 years old. Just imagine - ten years of social life in Zaporizhzhia. Therefore, the concept of the celebration will fully correspond to reality – "City life 10 years long", with social and artistic projects to be emotionally filled and switch to creative leisure with your family and friends.