Fire Safety Training Take Place in Arricano shopping malls

Compliance with the rules and standards of fire safety remains an actual issue in the modern world. According to the information of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine during the first 8 months of this year 54 071 fires have been registered in Ukraine. According to the International Association of Fire and Rescue Services, fires annually kill 5.7 people of 100,000. To observe fire safety rules, to take preventive measures, to introduce training programs and to behave competently in emergencies mean to save lives of people.
Arricano company regularly holds a variety of fire safety measures. For example, training activities are held 2 times per year, including those where the State Emergency Service of Ukraine took part. On September 18, employees of RayON and Prospekt shopping malls (Kyiv) had a scheduled training on the territory of RayON shopping mall including the response of a fire brigade of Desnianskyi district and fire engines.
    The program included both theoretical part related to the behavior of personnel in the event of fire and the development of practical skills. The theoretical part included familiarization with the current fire regulations and instructions, fire fighting equipment, fire safety systems, familiarization with the principle of system operation. Participants got acquainted with the causes of occurrence of fires and preventive measures, as well as with the operating procedures in the event of fire – fire brigade callout, use of fire fighting equipment, stop of technological equipment and evacuation of material values.
    The practical part includes the demonstration of fire fighting equipment and work of fire connection available at the facility, training in correct use of fire extinguishers, internal fire hydrants, training in methods of launching of stationary pumps and deluge systems, training in localization and extinguishing of the ignition point. The extinguishing of the fire on the parking lot on the 4th floor using the automobile fire staircase from Balzac Street was worked out, a set of norms related to operating of all fire alarm systems of the shopping mall - from the notification system to the engineering equipment, elevators, escalators, smoke removal systems, fire hydrants and admission system was checked
Inna Sotnikova, director of RayON and Prospect shopping malls shares her impression, “The task of the planned training is to instruct all the participants what to do in case of emergency, to repeat the material, to exclude panic among personnel, to give new staff necessary instructions and to work out the process to the last detail. The autumn training was successful. All participants, employees of the shopping mall, representatives of tenants, guards, fire brigade, performed their tasks perfectly. We conduct such training to instruct each participant what to do in case of evacuation, localization and extinguishing of fire, to work out complexly their behavior in emergency situations in coordination with rescue services.”
Autumn is a season of planned fire safety exercises involving personnel of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine at Arricano's facilities: in Sun Gallery shopping mall (Kryvyi Rih) the training will be held in October of this year, in the City Mall (Zaporizhzhia) in November 2018.
    Mykola Yakymenko, acting Head of the Development Department, acting Director of Operations at Arricano, says, “In our company and at all facilities in Kyiv, Kryvyi Rih, Zaporizhzhia, a systemic approach to security issues is being implemented. Besides, in April the company signed the Memorandum “On Comprehensive Fire Safety Measures in Ukrainian Shopping Malls” by which we confirm that comprehensive fire safety measures are implemented at our facilities. This means that all fire safety systems meet the regulations and function in the regular mode, special fire safety systems are marked with special navigation and other signs, all fire protection systems are checked regularly, all-inclusive testing of fire protection systems is carried out systematically according to the norms and plans, personnel training and evacuation trainings for employees, tenants and visitors are carried out according to the standards and regulations”.