Arricano has a new Retail Space Department Director

From March 21, 2016, Anna Chubotina assumed the office of Retail Space Department Director of Arricanо Real Estate plc shopping mall network; her objectives will include management of company’s Retail Space Department, implementation of leasing strategy (brokerage) and lease relations management.

Among her key objectives as a leasing director at Arricano, Anna Chubotina names development and implementation of plan package for optimization of business processes of retail space lease with a view to increase the company’s profitability, creation and implementation of shopping malls’ development strategies for renewal of each shopping mall concept, service business model implementation, efficient work with the existing tenants and  involvement of new ones.

Ms. Chubotina remarks that system approach constantly employed by Arricano appeals to her, “Now it is a favourable time for entering the company. There is a common vision of company development in the long run, the objectives are marked, specific tasks and challenges are understandable. Arricano implements high business dealing standards including transparency, honesty, team play. These are the values I shareand the company where I have the desire and passion to achieve business goals employing my personal competencies.” 

Anna has been working for over 15 years in the field of commercial real estate. She came to Arricano from JLL Ukraine where she had worked for 9 years holding an office of Retail Space Department Head.

Anna’s professional portfolio includes working with such large players of retail property market as SvitLand Ukraine, King Cross &Komfort Invest, Arricano Real Estate, DCH Real Estate, Kray Property and such projects as Décor Service national furniture and décor network, Sky Mall  shopping mall (Kyiv), Prospekt shopping mall (Kyiv), MFC Silver Breeze (Kyiv), Magellan shopping mall, (Kharkiv), Victoria Gardens shopping mall (Lviv) and others.

Mikhail Merkulov, Director General of Arricano Real Estate plc, remarks that the experience, consistency and desire to develop personally and to promote the company development are the way to team success, “We are happy to see Anna in our team. When the values of management team members coincide, when the goals and objectives are set, when the team approaches them step-by-step introducing new things on the way, success is guaranteed.”