On Easter Eve the SEC CITY MALL has presented a new park to Zaporozhie

On April 11, 2015 in Zhovtnevyi District in Zaporozhie city, between the residential area at Zaporozhskaya str. 2v and SEC CITY MALL a new stylish European public park appeared! It was created by the hands of Zaporozhie residents, 15 families – winners of “Zelene Sviato” (Green Feast) event, which was organized and held by SEC CITY MALL (run by Arricano) as a project of corporate social responsibility focused on the improvement of environment of the citizens’ city quality of life!

Zaporozhie residents, who participated in “Zelene Sviato” event, got involved in the lottery of a “personal” tree for their family from the SEC CITY MALL. Though, the tree could be planted not only in the company of the cronies, but taken care of after the park had been landscaped. A decorated sign containing information about the person who has planted it, who has left the mark in the history of Zaporozhie, accompanies each tree, for example: “Banichev’s Tree”.

While the park was created, famous citizens of Zaporozhie joined the residents in the process, such as Manokhin Aleksandr Alekseevich, Head of Zhovtneva District State Administration of Zaporozhie city, Vardanian Armen, bronze winner of the Peking Olympic Games, two-times champion of Europe, two-times silver prize winner of the World Cup, multiple champion of Ukraine and captain of the national team of Ukraine in Greek-Rome fight, and Vardui Batrakova, Director of SEC CITY MALL, Nona Kerabian, Director of Auchan Hypermarket, and Aleksandr Konstantinov, Director of Epicenter Hypermarket.

Vardui Bartakova, Director of SEC CITY MALL has noted: “SEC CITY MALL is well-known to the citizens of Zaporozhie as the place for good shopping, entertainment and leisure activities. At the same time, the SEC is an important infrastructure object for the city. We intend to promote development of Zaporozhie and make contribution into improvement of the citizens’ quality of living. Our city is one of the biggest Ukrainian industrial centers and the ecology issue is very essential. That is why “Zelene Sviato” is our first social project: we have united business, city authorities and citizens of Zaporozye by the joint idea of making a public park and improving ecology of our hometown by our own hands. It is our first but not the last social project. SEC CITY MALL, its owner Arricano together with the city authorities will further develop Zaporozhie as a green European city!”

“Zelene Sviato” was held with the support of Zhovtneva District Administration of the city. The Head of Zhovtneva District Administration Aleksandr Manokhin, said: “City authorities have supported the “Zelenyi Den” (Green Day) event held by SEC CITY MALL. We are very happy that our commercial enterprises display a keen interest and readiness in terms of the city development. Such projects as opening public parks are very important, especially for our Zhovtnevyi district. Last year, a storm has fallen down and broken more than 100 trees. The district area should be reconstructed and should become the most green in Zaporozhie. City authorities intend to provide maximum promotion to the business in such high-hearted initiatives”

The participants of the event share Mr. Manokhin’s views. One of the participating families, Nikolai and Diana Ilchenkos, have emphasized that the city does have ecological problems and such promotions are useful and necessary, they enable each caring person make his/her contribution in environment protection and city development.

The public park contains17 trees, a dozen of evergreen coniferous bushes, decorative landscape composition, and has benches. The trees are not one-year transplants but five-year mature trees of 2-2,5 meters high. Therefore, the park will have beautiful green crown and shadow even this spring, not just in a several-years perspective.

Kristina Reshetilo, a landscape designer from Zaporozhie, has designed the park. Twelve different species of trees are presented there. Among them are Pissardi Plum blooming with pink flowers, Salix Matsudana with graceful, circinate in spiral branches, and Golden Ash, birches, Weeping Wild Ash, Hairy Sumac with huge red conical inflorescences, and many other species. The composition is designed in such a way that the park is of the same beauty in all the seasons, for example Pissardi Plums will bloom soon and will decorate the park until the leaves on the trees appear, and in winter evergreen coniferous bushes will enliven it.

According to the residents of the nearby buildings in Zaporozhskaya street, the park has found its place! In 5 meters away there is a large playground, which is always full with children and their parents. And now there is a place where kids and parents can relax just next to it.