In February, Arricano launches three promotional campaigns in Kyiv, Zaporizhia and Kryvyi Rih

In February 2016, Arricano launches three promotional campaigns in “Prospekt” shopping mall, “City Mall” shopping mall and “Sun Gallery” shopping mall. A principal message of the campaigns is “shopping with love”. This emotional component persuades the customers that something more than shopping is waiting for them in the shopping malls.

The shopping malls’ tenants share this opinion, and, therefore, they are actively involved in these cross-marketing activities. It allows to every brand taking part in the shopping mall promotional campaign to stimulate its sales, enhance brand awareness among the target audience and focus the customers’ attention on their principal competitive advantages.

Nataliya Dmytrenko, Marketing Director of Arricano, notes, “February is a special month for retailers. And now, when the purchasing power remains quite low, it is important to redirect the marketing, stimulate repeated visits to the shopping mall, amplify the guest’s desire to buy and to spend more time at the shopping mall. Nowadays, the consumers become more demanding, and it is important to offer them some bonuses and additional advantages of going to the shopping mall. We are trying to organize promotional events offering bonuses and drawing attention of the customer to the brands which are strategic for this particular shopping mall. Thus, in Prospekt shopping mall, in Kyiv, the tenants participating in the event emphasize a wide choice of products important for the target audience: Ukrainian designers’ store NAMES’UA, lingerie shop Women’Secret, comfortable format English Home, popular restaurant Salateira. We expect that such synergy of brands will draw the guests’ attention to the perfect tenant-mix of the shopping mall stimulating their participation in the promotional event which, in its turn, will influence the sales numbers. In our regional shopping malls, in Zaporizhia and Kryvyi Rih, Love Republic brand became the general partner of the event. Joint programs with tenants are part of marketing strategy of each shopping mall, an important aspect of building the efficient partner cooperation patterns.”

Kateryna Miklashevich, Marketing Director of KarKat Fashion LLC, adds, “We always support the shopping malls’ initiatives and gladly participate as partners of various events. Our united affords make the activities interesting to wide audience and capable of reaching maximum coverage. We are interested in creating really interesting joint programs because for main target auditory of women’secret brand, for women, shopping always means more than just buying necessary things.”

Promotional event Shopping with Love starts at “City Mall” shopping mall and “Sun Gallery” shopping mall, so the customers will be able to win UAH 10,000 worth certificate for shopping at Love Republic shops. In “Prospekt” shopping mall the February promotional event “Prospekt” I Love You will take place supported by such brands as Modateka NAMES’UA, ТМ Women’Secret, English Home, Salateira restaurant which offered their branded gifts to the customers.

Main communications channels of these events are internal radio, banners, posters, banner advertisements in social networks, advertisement in the underground, as well as PR support. Such set of marketing and PR instruments will assure a broad reach of target auditory.