Arricano gathered friends for a creative meet-up "Creativity is intelligence having fun!»

On August 1, 2019, Arricano gathered friends for a creative meet-up in the coworking "Creative States". The meeting was attended by the most creative partners of the Arricano ecosystem - developers, retailers, representatives of banks, investment funds, venture funds, startups, associations, as well as journalists and partners from the industry infrastructure - lawyers, auditors, appraisers, consultants who share the idea of Albert Einstein: "Creativity is intelligence having fun!"- and which is traditionally supported in Arricano.  
"The new format of the meeting was due to the desire of our team to combine three in one. First, invite our partners and show how a traditional office can function in a coworking. We moved at the end of June, testing an innovative culture of workflow in a new space. Second, to introduce our partners to each other, to give the opportunity to communicate "in one handshake" to those who can be of great value to each other. Third, to create an atmosphere of networking, where something new can be born, because "creativity is the intelligence that plays and has fun!"- said Mykhailo Merkulov, CEO Arricano. 
The meeting place is both a business space and a large stylish hub, where there is everything necessary for people to have fun and develop. Illia Kenigstein, Creator of Creative States coworking, says that creativity is the very essence of his business and the slogan "Thank God, it's Monday" is chosen because "we make offices so beautiful and organic that residents want to return after Saturday-Sunday to our creative space.  Creative States is a huge country in the country where we collect "Creative States of Ukraine" - a variety of people from different industries."
The program of the meeting, as noted by the participants, was "dense in meaning and easy in mood." Friendly atmosphere created by the Arricano team contributed to easy acquaintance and free communication, and to support direct communication, a special Telegram chat of participants of the meet-up Creative Party was created. 
At the registration stage, the participants answered the question - what is creativity in their personal interpretation. It turned out that most believe that creativity is life in development: "This is what makes our life better and more fun", "Freedom and courage", "Non-standard approach to the standard problem", "The ability to discover new relationships and find them practical application", "Make logical beautiful", "See what others do not see", "The ability to Express themselves", "Create a new positive space", "The ability to make decisions different from traditional schemes", "Inspiration and flight of thought", "The ability to improve and create", "Lifestyle", "A sense of excitement that arises in solving complex problems, plus the pleasure of the moment when the brain lights the bulb: "The answer is found", "Innovation", "Going beyond the possible".
The format of the meet-up included the familiarity and pitches, which was moderated by the CEO Arricano. More than 20 participants, among them Mariia Ohorodnikova, EBRR; Volodymyr Tymochko, Dragon Capital; Kostiantyn Mahaletskyi, Horizon Capital; Yurii Kozak, Raiffeisen Bank Aval; Volodymyr Strokan, "Auchan Ukraine", Ihor Pertsia, TA Ventures; Maksym Havriushyn, Budhouse Group; Andrii Zhuk, Ukrainian Retail Association - said an elevator pitch about creative and creativity, and that was the topic of conversation and discussion.
"Different views can generate new things. When going to a high-class brains that have fun it brings what had never been before, – said Mykhailo Merkulov. – We have organized a communication platform, which gathered people from very different areas, but very close in spirit. These are those for whom intelligence, innovation, creativity, fun and the future are important. Their acquaintance and communication can lead to the birth of new ideas and new projects. And it charges!» 
The guests also noted that "this is a cool meeting", "this is something fresh", "this is new acquaintances", "this is a new approach to corporate parties for partners", "this is a smart party", "this is creative, as always in Arricano".
Arricano thanks the participants of meet-up from AUCHAN Ukraine, Fozzy Group, Brocard-Ukraine, Delta Tex, SPORTMASTER Ukraine, Puma, McDonald's Ukraine, TRANS Ukraine Inter Sport, Kodisoft, Colliers International, JLL Ukraine, KarKat Fashion, Budhouse Group, Alterra Group, Dragon Capital, Ukrgasbank, TASKOMBANK, KPMG, Focus Estate Fund, Cushman&Wakefield, TA Ventures , ENTD, Slbc, EBRD, CBRE Ukraine, Ukrainian Retail Association, StarLightMedia,, Weekend, Google, UNIT.City, RetargetApp, SolarGaps, RAD for creating a creative atmosphere in which minds played and had fun, for partnership and joint development.