Arricano shows the highest occupacy rates since 2012

Arricano shows the highest occupacy rates since 2012
Arricano is a developer managing shopping malls, consistently improving business performance. According to the results of the 1st half of 2019, the technical vacancy of Arricano shopping centers decreased. In Kyiv - RayON and Prospekt shopping malls - the vacancy rate is 0. 08%, and 0.17% respectively. Sun Gallery (Kryvyi Rih) and City Mall (Zaporizhzhia) show 100% occupancy. As of 30.06.19 Arricano's shopping malls have 72 m 2 of vacant retail areas. These are the lowest vacancy rates in the company since 2012, namely:
2012 – 3.2%*,
2013 – 1.7%,
2014 (the year of the Prospekt shopping mall opening) - 10.7%,
2015 – 3.8%
2016 – 1.7%
2017 – 1.3%
2018 – 0.3%
1 half of 2019 – 0.1%
Mykhailo Merkulov, CEO of Arricano, notes that the ability of the team to give the best results every time is inspiring and this is the phenomenon of Arricano: "The team improves its target results each year - both in relation to the market and in relation to its past results. For example, in the first half of 2019, the average vacancy of the shopping malls in Kyiv is 5.5%, and in our shopping malls, including Kyiv, this rate is several times less, within the technical value. By the beginning of the ІІ half of the year, our team received the lowest vacancy rate in Arricano for the past 8 years. The fact that we have significant figures is a beacon and confirmation that we are on the right course. This is a reward for systematic work, for innovative approaches and competent management. High-quality tenant-mix with an occupancy rate of 99.90% is a very accurate and lively work that requires coordinated actions of the rental, marketing and operation departments, lawyers, financiers and services, focus on quality results, meeting the growing demands of guests. And we do both quality and quantity step by step". *Vacancy rate at the end of a year