In 2015 Arricano Concluded Lease Agreements to Open 12 New Stores in the Company’s SECs

Arricano Real Estate, the largest real estate developer and chain operator of shopping & entertainment centres in Ukraine, in 1Q of 2015 has signed 12 lease agreements to open stores in Arricano SECs chain. Six stores have already started their work, the others will be opened during April-July.

The Company has signed lease agreements with the following tenants:

In SEC Prospect (Kyiv, 1V Krasnotkatskaya Str.):

  • Samoye Dobroye Cafe (“The Kindest Café”), a legendary place in Kyiv that opened its doors in the shopping mall in February (in the food court area, occupies 74 sq.m.)
  • A multibrand shop of Italian lingerie, Silenza, a new one for the Ukrainian market, its opening is to be in May (on the 2nd floor, 138 sq.m.)
  • АВТОКРІСЛА.com (, a store of certified brand car seats, carriages and other travel accessories for children, its opening is planned in April (on the 2nd floor, 96 sq.m.)
  • NIKOLA hat shop, offering a wide variety and large assortment of Ukrainian products: NIKOLA knitwear and other companies’ knitted goods, planned to be open in July (on the 1st floor, 41 sq.m.).

SEC RayON (Kyiv, 4 Lavrukhina Str.):

  • Cafe Shokoladnyi Dom VonKlushke (“Chocolate House VonKlushke”), located on the first floor of the shopping mall. The café offers a wide range of chocolates, cookies and cakes made of eco-friendly food raw and natural Belgian chocolate.
  • ALLO shop in a new larger format on the first floor, with an area of 139 square meters; earlier, the store occupied 57 sq.m. in the SEC; opening to be held in April;
  • A sporting goods store Arena (183 sq.m.), opened in March;
  • New Balance store (145 sq.m.), opened in March 2015. It works as a discount centre where shoppers can buy sports and casual wear, shoes and accessories of new collections and goods from previous seasons’ collections.

Arena and New Balance stores are located on the second floor of the mall, near sportswear shop Sportmaster, which has been opened earlier. This made possible to arrange a localized area of sports and leisure goods in SEC RayON. Currently, Arricano Leasing Department is working on attracting additional tenants for island areaSEC CityMall (Zaporizhzhia, 1V Zaporishska Str.):

  • Union Standart Bank branch (26 sq.m.), the opening took place in February.
  • Gatta hosiery store (33 sq.m.), opening to be in April.

SEC Sun Gallery (Kryvyi Rih):

  • In March, Colins was opened in a renovated and larger format; it now occupies 424 square meters (earlier its area was 234 sq.m.).
  • In April, mobile electronics shop Zhzhuk will open its doors; its area will be 52 sq.m.

Yuliia Shchastlivaya, Arricano Leasing Director: “In January 2015, Arricano optimized a number of business processes. Due to this, the Leasing Department now has more time to attract new tenants, as well as to communicate with the existing ones. This has given a tangible positive result – in such a difficult time for the market, we have not lost a single tenant, and have also acquired new partners, such as Silenza, АВТОКРІСЛА.com and Samoye Dobroye Cafe.

Now the company holds negotiations with several well-known retail chains on opening their stores in SEC Prospect; we plan to report on their results by the end of spring. We also pay special attention to Ukrainian producers, as affordable pricing policy and Ukrainian “roots” of a brand in this time are important characteristics for the buyer”.