The Prospekt shopping mall has set a record of Ukraine

In the Prospekt shopping mall there is a record of Ukraine in the category "Art, mass events" – Ukrainian ornament made of the largest number of threads, with a total length of more than 1,850 meters with the involvement of the largest number of amateur masters, created at the initiative of the brand.
On September 03, 2022, the representative of the Book of Records of Ukraine presented to the Director of the mall, Hanna Pohribna, a Diploma that confirms the fact of registration of the achievement as a record of Ukraine and acts as a testimony to the general recognition.
"I thank each co-author who joined the unique project "Ornaments of Wishes". Prospekt shopping mall is primarily a social space of care for oneself and loved ones. Therefore, it is also valuable that our guests joined the ornament, which means meaningful union, which is very important today. We are sure that the symbolism of this project resonates in the soul of every Ukrainian. The threads that we have woven together reflect our pain and desire for victory, which are combined in the ornament of our hearts – an embroidered shirt", - shared the Director of the Prospekt shopping mall, Hanna Pohribna.
Embroidered shirt is not only an element of Ukrainian folk dress, but also a component of our cultural heritage. The embroidered ornament has great symbolism and historical significance, so the idea of the project was to create a huge panel with hand-made ornament together with visitors and weave it into unique dream patterns and most cherished desires. The ornament is a coded pattern that serves as a charm and has great power. 
The results were recorded: a Ukrainian ornament woven on a large canvas, for the creation of which more than 1,850 meters of thread were used, and 386 co-authors were involved. 
Place of record fixation: Prospekt shopping mall, Kyiv, Ukraine. 
Date: September 03, 2022.
"Traditionally, embroidered shirts were created by the hands of real craftsmen, who tried to make each shirt unique and special. Inspired by the beauty and symbolism of Ukrainian ornaments, we launched a public initiative, where the panel is created by the visitors of the shopping mall, and the basis of the project mechanics is an interactive component of interaction between the Prospekt mall and the participants who joined the process. During the three weekends, while creating a unique ornament, the guests of the shopping mall woven their desires into it, the main one being the Victory of Ukraine. We believe that our unity and the enormous power of sincere desires bring our Victory closer!", commented Inna Morozova, CMO Arricano.