Sun Gallery shopping mall: 12 years of shopping, leisure and social projects in Kryvyi Rih

In September, the Sun Gallery shopping mall turned 12 years old. This is one of the first professional shopping and entertainment complexes in Ukraine with a rental area of 38,000 sq.m., as well as the main shopping and leisure space in Kryvyi Rih, where the stores of famous brands Pimkie, LC Waikiki, New Yorker, New Balance, Colin's, Vovk and A. Tan are exclusively located. The majority of fashion retail operators demonstrate the best sales indicators and development of relationships with customers within their network in the Sun Gallery shopping mall.
Dark&Light to surprise the whole city
Sun Gallery celebrated its current birthday in the concept of Dark&Light, where the main activation of the holiday was a laser show – a game of light and darkness, in which the city map "flashed" harmoniously, as well as images of miners, families with children dynamically changed, positive messages and sunrise were added as the main attribute of the identity of the Sun Gallery shopping mall. Residents of Kryvyi Rih highly appreciated such patriotic and motivating gift to the city. Moreover, everything happened on the street and with respect to social distance, in order to guarantee the participants of the Dark&Light contemplation a high-quality performance and safety. 
Bet on positive emotions
Throughout the event, various artistic and entertainment locations and styles were attracted to the Sun Gallery shopping mall: drummers, mimes, animated stories, an art installation in the form of a mural, children's fun events with gifts and prize draws. Each visitor to the mall had the opportunity to choose or spontaneously join the activities to the mood or at will, which were distanced throughout the entire space of the Sun Gallery shopping mall. Traffic on this day increased by up to 20% compared to the previous weekend in September 2020. 
"Humanity is our asset", "9 lives", "Dostupno.UA»
In April 2020, the Sun Gallery purchased for Kryvyi Rih infectious diseases hospital No. 1 and transferred humanitarian aid – equipment necessary to improve the quality of medical care and comfort for people with disabilities. The topic of inclusion for Kryvyi Rih, as well as for other cities in Ukraine, is an important issue. Therefore, the mall provides a number of activities to make it convenient and comfortable for people with disabilities to move around, participate in events and make purchases. As a result, the Sun Gallery shopping mall received a special award from the all-Ukrainian non-governmental organization "Dostupno.UA". 
Another initiative is the photo exhibition "9 lives", organized in the Sun Gallery shopping mall together with a public organization "Movement without borders". It was a unique idea to draw attention to people with disabilities who are known in the city, good, successful, strong, with their life mission and who told about themselves. 
"Humanity is our asset "is a corporate message of social and charitable projects implemented by the Sun Gallery shopping mall. 
Successful woman in the Sun Gallery shopping mall
One of the important trends of our time is a change in approaches to shopping, when purchases bring pleasure and consumer experience, and sellers not only provide service support, but also represent the values of the fashion brand, are its advocates and influencers. With this in mind, the Sun Gallery shopping mall hosted a unique author's communication project about shopping, in which the main speakers were shop assistants. They expressed their own vision of what a modern successful woman should be like. As a result, sellers became influential opinion leaders among the buyers 'community, and international and Ukrainian brands were effectively intertwined in a personal communication project for the buyers' community in Kryvyi Rih. 
Welcome to the Sun Gallery shopping mall 
"In Kryvyi Rih, our shopping and entertainment complex has long been anchored top-of-mind as a favorite place for shopping and leisure for the whole family.  We are developing the Sun Gallery shopping mall as a comfortable social space. And social means such important attributes as responsible to visitors, where you can replenish your emotional charge and enjoy your leisure time. For your birthday, we wanted to surprise you and give you a special gift – a laser show about our city, values and positive emotions. As well as a special art installation in the style of mural from the creators of Kryvyi Rih.  Judging by the atmosphere at the scene, as well as the feedback from the participants, we succeeded," commented Maryna Baranova, Director of the Sun Gallery shopping mall. She has already held this position for about 10 years and has a keen sense of what is close, native and necessary for Kryvyi Rih citizens. 
About the warm circle of friends of the Sun Gallery shopping mall 
"We have launched a literary contest of greetings on social networks for our birthday. We were amazed by the chosen words and descriptions about the Sun Gallery shopping mall. Kryvyi Rih writer, rock musicians, volunteers, and journalists joined the project. It's nice that warm circle of friends of the Sun Gallery shopping mall every time expands: Kryvyi Rih media outlet, volunteer and community organizations, universities, and a variety of themed communities popular in the city join, establish relationship, become members of our dynamic community and the social space of the mall", - summarized Olena Obukhivska, Communications Director of the Sun Gallery shopping mall. 
The event is organized by Ad.A Agency. All safety and respiratory measures were a priority. Appropriate communication was conducted with the guests, and the animation program included preventive steps in an entertainment format – stormtrooper heroes with pistols that disinfected the hands of visitors in a playful way. 

A detailed photo report about Dark&Light perfomance is available here