Arricano shopping malls organized an ART Spring

All Arricano shopping malls in the spring have become spaces for inspiration and cozy meetings with the dearest people. On March 11, Prospekt shopping mall in Kyiv, CITY MALL in Zaporizhzhia and Sun Gallery in Kryvyi Rih gathered citizens for ART-spring to be inspired by art and implement their creative ideas. 

Prospekt shopping mall initiated the creation of the art object "Spring of Freedom". For five hours, both adults and children painted a large panel of 24 m2 in the atrium of the Prospect shopping mall. The flowered coat of arms of Ukraine revived in the shopping mall with the help of chalk. The multicolored image carries an important meaning for every Ukrainian: the coat of arms as a symbol of the inviolability of Ukrainian statehood, swallows as the embodiment of freedom, and flowers as a symbol of life and renewal. Currently, the "Spring of Freedom" is an original decoration of the Prospect shopping mall.

At 5 thematic locations, the mall has prepared a series of activities for different age categories. Everyone joined the original master class on ikebana from Olena Kapranova, a teacher of the Ukrainian-Japanese Center of the KPI and a 3rd-class professor of ikebana, and her colleague Svitlana Honcharenko. In addition, visitors made creative bright bouquets of dry flowers under the guidance of a professional stylist Olena Leskova.

The youngest ones became the most desirable guests at the birthday of the Barbie doll. Prospect shopping mall has prepared Barbie and Hot Wheels play areas for children, so that girls and boys could play with toys, take many photos at selfie locations and draw. Birthday is hard to imagine without gifts, so this year they were prepared by Prospect shopping mall. Beautiful Barbie dolls from the new collection, as well as a game set from Hot Wheels were waiting for their owners.

During the event, live music performed by a pianist, saxophonist and vocal groups was performed in the atriums and at the central location of the shopping mall.

A long-awaited draw of gifts ended a pleasant spring evening. The main prize was an innovative smartphone Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra from the new series of gadgets from Samsung.

CITY MALL and Sun Gallery shopping malls blossomed in the spring and prepared beautiful photo zones for their guests. On March 11, shopping malls urged to be inspired by art and together create an art-object "Tree of Inspiration" from paper symbols of freedom – swallows. Shopping malls organized a master class on origami to create these fragile birds and beautiful flowers. Live music and an artist, who during the evening painted portraits in pencil and coffee for all comers, helped to plunge into the creative atmosphere. The event was complemented by a draw of incredible gifts from Arricano shopping malls. The main prize is gift certificates for a total amount of UAH 10,000 for purchases from the Samsung Experience Store.

On March 11, the RayON shopping mall entertained children on BARBIE DAY. Together with partners, the shopping mall has equipped the Barbie and Hot Wheels play areas. Throughout Saturday, the little guests played, posed in the Barbie box and took pictures, painted and danced with the animator. The art masters dressed the children with themed aqua makeup and bright pigtails. The lucky winners received a Barbie doll from the new collection, as well as a game set from Hot Wheels.

RayON shopping mall will dive into the art spring on March 18. You can touch the spring thanks to creativity, enjoy the performance of a saxophonist and a dance team, create a postcard with flowers, join an interesting quest and relax with your family this Saturday. In addition, the participants of the draw will receive a lot of gifts from the partners of the event. The main prize is UAH 10,000 for spring shopping from COLIN'S.

"Spring inspires and energizes with new ideas. Our shopping malls are always open for cool initiatives, unity and joint creativity. We thank all our visitors who joined ART-Spring, and we promise many more interesting and inspiring events!”, - said Inna Morozova, Marketing Director of Arricano.

More information is available in social networks of Prospekt, RayON, CITY MALL and Sun Gallery  shopping malls.

General partners: Samsung Experience Store, COLIN'S.

Partners: Zolotyi vik, Zolota kraina, ZARINA, VOVK, PALITRA, PUMA, PANDORA, SRIBNA KRAINA, DECATHLON, BROCARD, Yves Rocher, Toy House, ToyDiCo — the official distributor of the Barbie brand, Sushyia, Lviv Croissants, D&P perfumumum, LESIA, CHERRY, Game Park.