Top managers of Arricano become mentors of Property management school

In November 2018, for the first time in Ukraine, the specialized educational project “School of commercial real estate management” started. The project has been launched by the Ukrainian Real Estate Club real estate market business association with the assistance of an academic partner, MIM Business School. As a result of the joint work of high school teachers and professionals from the real sector a unique industry-wide training program designed to increase the competence of commercial real estate managers was developed.
Olha Solovii, managing partner of URE Club, says that before the launch of the first Property Management school in Ukraine, the team doubted the expediency of opening of the school in autumn 2018. On the one hand, the market is in the pour state, the companies and people are not willing to invest time and money in training. On the other hand, there are companies which need to adapt to changes quickly and find competent solutions in difficult times, need competent specialists with relevant knowledge and skills in commercial real estate. The desire to develop the industry has won. The support of sponsors, the fact that MIM, the best operator of business education, agreed to be an academic partner, belief of teachers in the project, the willingness of experts and leading top managers of commercial real estate companies to be speakers and mentors of the School persuaded us that it was the right decision.
Two top managers of Arricano, SMO Natalia Dmytrenko and director of the shopping malls Prospekt and “RayON” Inna Sotnikova, became speakers of Property management school.
Natalia Dmytrenko, an author of a thematic course on marketing and a mentor of the school, will hold classes in March 2019. The principle of a systematic approach to marketing in commercial real estate is a fundamental principle of this course. Students will get acquainted with complex information, generalized knowledge and practical tools starting from development of positioning before the construction of the object and ending with the metrics of marketing effectiveness at different stages of the development of the object.
“Property management school is an innovative project that will lead to an increase in the quality of management in the industry,” Natalia notes. “It develops the sector, builds up the professionalism of the students, mentors, market experts and the entire management community and synchronizes the standards of management in the sector.”
In February, in the module “Market. Development.” Inna Sotnikova will hold a master class on “Creating an Effective Team for Managing a Commercial Object”. Inna tells that during her class she will tell what is not written in classical textbooks: “The case approach, which generalizes the experience, practice and specifics of the sector, seems to me the most valuable material for the students of the school. Property management is not taught at any higher education establishment. Specialists of the sector get knowledge and skills based on their personal experience.”
Olha Solovii says that students attending lectures and master classes point out to the practical benefits of the Property management school, “The first students have already crossed the “equator” of the training. We get the feedback: how to make training more effective and reach maximum results. I express my gratitude to our partner MIM and our teaching staff. They are the best market experts. We will definitely continue our “School” and, perhaps, even expand the areas of work.”