Teachers' Self Upgrade - Arricano's new social and educational initiative

"To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change more often," Winston Churchill said. "If you want to change your reality, you need to change your mindset," says Robert Kiyosaki.

Teachers' Self Upgrade - about multitasking and collaboration vectors

It is the idea of self-improvement and self-motivation that is embedded in the social and educational project Teachers’ Self Upgrade, which Arricano generated and invited to participate partners from various segments of the FMCG, fashion, NGO industries, government, business, as well as experts in providing educational services. As a result, it became a multitasking collaboration idea, which was joined by Desnianska district administration, "Osvitoria", EBA, "Wikend u Kyievi", "Tyzhden", "Kyiv" TV channel, Multiplex, Ad.A.Agency, VOVK, Colin's, Prospekt shopping mall, and May Ukraine.  

About the idea and it's development

The way from the idea of Teachers' Self Upgrade, and preparation to the implementation took three months. During this time, Arricano turned to socially oriented brands that support CSR projects, together with a creative contracting agency Ad.A. Agency held talks with the best experts on educational services – the European Business Association and the public union "Osvitoria", enlisted the support of the Desnianska district state administration and the Department of education of the Desnianska district state administration, conducted an online survey among the capital's teachers to find out what topics they are interested in. It turned out that the most pressing issues are mastering new digital tools in remote and mixed format, feedback skills, positioning the teacher's personality and influencing students. 
Therefore, together with educational experts, a special training program for teachers was developed in the style of a business conference to convey to teachers the dynamic motives of networking, collaboration, the desire for self-motivation and self-improvement, which are key in modern corporate cultures of business leaders. 
"We are grateful to our partners who ideologically shared our idea of the project Teachers' Self Upgrade, believed in the idea and contributed to its implementation. Modern school education needs a new fervor, because online learning of schoolchildren requires different competencies than in an offline format. Attracting students' attention today is much more difficult, because teachers often have to compete for their influence and authority with gadgets, YouTube and TikTok. Already in adulthood, we rethink our school life and are eternally grateful to those teachers who found a personal approach and taught us the basic principles, motivated and passed on their knowledge. Each of us has our favorite teachers, whom we remember with warmth and gratitude. And it is important that even today there is an effective transfer of knowledge from teacher to student, even in distance learning, so that students get a passion for learning. And that teachers have effective modern technological life hacks in providing high-quality educational services. This is our idea and response to the need for teachers to improve their professional skills," says Olena Obukhivska, Communications Director at Arricano.

About the project status

Teachers' Self Upgrade starts on September 25, 2021 in Prospekt shopping mall, in the Multiplex cinema hall. In total, more than 150 teachers of the capital were registered, mainly from the Desnianskyi district. Due to quarantine restrictions, registration was suspended. 
Throughout the day, Teachers’ Self Upgrade participants will have the opportunity to listen to thematic trainings from top speakers of Ukraine. Upon completion, certificates will be awarded for teachers' professional development hours. 

About Arricano's CSR position

Arricano, as a leading developer in Ukraine, pays great attention to the social component of business in its activities. In 2021, at the meeting of the Board of Directors, the corporate ESG policy was updated, that is, the corporate policy on environmental issues, social activities and management of the company. Educational projects and interaction with the community were determined as the priority areas of social investment.
"Corporate social responsibility of the business and response to social requests are important in Arricano's activities. After all, this is the formation of a corporate social portfolio of projects, interaction with the community of shopping malls and the desire to join the life of communities, get involved and solve socially significant issues together. Education for Arricano has always been and is a priority area of CSR in various formats – working with students, schoolchildren, shop assistants, advising business partners. We have worked out such tools as edutainment, crowdfunding, and various motivational patriotic performances. Teachers' Self Upgrade is a new project unique for Ukraine, where together with the business community we want to support teachers, and most importantly - to convey the passion for learning to students," says Anna Chubotina, CEO of Arricano.

The results of the project will be announced next week at Arricano media sites.