Svitlana Renkas - “Corporate Security” conference participant

On October 26, 2006, Svitlana Renkas, Legal Department (residents) Director of Arricano Real Estate Plc, took part in “Corporate security: today challenges and threats for business” conference, held by Sayenko Kharenko supported by the Association of corporate security professionals and general media-partner - Ukrainian lawyers’ newspaper - “Yurydychna Praktyka”.

Over 250 conference attendees discussed the topical aspects of the corporate security - combating the corporate raiding, information protection and business issues in the zone of anti-terrorist operation.

During the session “Combating the corporate raiding” there have been brought up issues of formation of the complex corporate security system, about the necessity to protect business and to create the anti-raiding protection strategy and tactics. Serhii Pohrebnoi, Chairman of the Association of corporate security professionals drew attention to the scale of raiding in 2016. Dmytro Chornyi, Head of Economy Protection Department of the National Police made a report on the most recent trends in the uncovering of the raiding schemes. Pavlo Moroz, Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine, Chairman of the Commission for Public Registration Complaints Handling, raised an issue of a complex combating the corporate raiding.

the speeches of I. Herasymovych and S. Renkas it came to the experience of fighting the corporate raiding. The speakers told how the raiding attacks onto the “Amstor” supermarket chain and Sky Mall shopping centre were organized, what fighting measures were taken and are taken to return the assets, what issues arise in the ensuring of the corporate security, and what challenges are to be faced to secure the assets.

Svitlana Renkas pointed out that Sky Mall shopping centre’s history is a case containing everything: from the legal standpoint the bargain was almost perfect, but in the situation when the corruption exists, when the breach of law by registrars and notaries is possible, when the interference of the corrupt judges and support by the system of the raiding and law violations are possible, it is difficult for business to protect its assets. She mentioned that in Ukraine there are no law providing the possibility of international courts (at the moment Arricano has eight decisions of international courts related to Sky Mall) realization in the territory of Ukraine. Despite of Ukraine signed the New-York convention and is a member of the New-York convention, there are no legislative mechanism of realization. And this fact also slows down the combating corruption and raiding in the country. Svitlana expressed a hope that the applications made by the deputies and officials of various ranks about the intention to fight against corruption turn out to be true, and not the political mottos, that the political will of the President, deputies, and officials will impact the creation of the law-based society and ownership rights guarantee.