Lukianovka Mall construction continues as planned

The construction of Lukianovka SEC (provisional title) which commenced in the autumn of 2013 continues as planned.

“Given the volatile political and economic situation in the country we had to revise the project completion date early in the year, but construction and concept development works were never detained”, - says Nikolay Yakimenko, project manager of Lukianovka SEC.

Lukianovka Mall will become the first shopping and entertainment complex in Ukraine assimilating two architectural heritage sites in its ensemble, namely the head office of the Lukianovka depot of the city railway and the power plant of the latter. Arricano makes use of the best world practices in the field of architectural restoration and its functional integration into the new shopping centre.

The difficulty of integrating historic buildings into the shopping complex goes beyond simple renovation of the buildings’ facades. It also requires a whole complex of special techniques.

“To examine the buildings and develop project documentation, Arricano contracted expert services of Ukrainian research institutes of “Proektreconstructiya” and “Proektrestavratsiya”, project development companies of “Proetkindustriya”, “Alma Technologies, “Orgproekt” and “Transexpo” as well as Spanish architects and UK construction engineers”, - explains Nikolay Yakimenko.

By October 2015 the following tasks were completed as scheduled: reinforcement of the electric power plant foundation (of the listed building), dismantling of the roof coating (found in critical condition), mounting of temporary strutted frames, dismantling of inner frames from the bottom to medium section of the building and finally, installation of the stilted foundation under the inner framework to take the load off the outer structural walls. A range of other electrical plant reconstruction works, such as partial restoration of outer structural walls brickwork, installation of stilted foundation under the inner framework, reinforcement of embrasures in structural walls, restoration of ruined cornices, dismantling of pillars in critical condition, replacement of roof coating structural elements and restoration of coating, including installation of one-piece reinforcing belts are scheduled to be completed before the end of the year. Project phasing for the following year envisages the completion of renovation and restoration of the facades of the two architectural heritage buildings.

Constructions works at the shopping centre site are completed as scheduled for this phase of the project: with in situ concreting of the firetank is finished and raising of monolithic structures in progress. The monolithic construction works on foundations and two levels of car park will be completed before the end of the year, as will the general building works in the 10kW electrical substation premises.

“Arricano is a socially responsible company, - says Nikolay Yakimenko. – We always improve the areas around our shopping centres”.

To this end, apart from the construction of the shopping centre per se, Arricano is set to carry out large-scale modernisation of streets and road systems adjacent to Lukianovska metro station and the Lukianovska square.