Strategy of remodeling Arricano's shopping malls in 2022: How to manage gallery space at 100% occupancy. Anna Chubotina, CEO Arricano

The shopping center has its own happytite
Shopping malls as objects of social significance are dynamically transformed under the influence of market trends, customer behavior, their requests and insights. In the management of a shopping mall, it is important not only to pave the way to the hearts of customers, to be in the top-of-mind, but also to support their interest with new brands, formats, offers, including in emotional terms, exciting happytite (happy + appetite) for the next visits. At the international retail exhibition MAPIC-2021, experts paid a lot of attention to this emotional component. 
Remodeling to give a new impetus to the life cycle of the mall
In 2022, we are focusing on the strategy of remodeling the shopping mall. Our facilities are sustainable spaces with high traffic, loyalty, recognition and a well-developed social portfolio. Our task is to give each shopping mall a new impetus in development in order to support the growth stage in the life cycle of the mall brand by updating the tenant mix and strengthening relationships with visitors.
New food anchor format
Taking into account the changes in consumer preferences of the target audience of our regional shopping malls, the demand for the quality of service and the comfort of retail spaces, as well as the global trend to reduce the area of food retailers, we decided to remodel our regional shopping malls in terms of reducing and updating the format of the grocery anchor and the corresponding expansion of the shopping gallery. 
The work of the shopping gallery in the usual mode 
The area of hypermarkets will be reduced to 4,500 sq.m. in both shopping malls, which will allow us to expand to 3 0% the offer of the shopping gallery in other product categories. We have already signed a lease agreement with the Ukrainian retail chain "Silpo", the supermarket format of which meets the request of the audience of shopping malls in Kryvyi Rih and Zaporizhzhia, will strengthen the synergy and growth of tenants of the shopping gallery. Renovation works on the territory of existing hypermarkets will begin in April this year. The opening of the renovated supermarkets and part of the shopping gallery in Zaporizhzhia and Kryvyi Rih is scheduled for the third quarter of 2022, just before the start of the new autumn season. As a result of the remodeling, we will expand the categories of "Fashion", "Sports", "Electronics", and "Household goods". Contracts have already been signed with most brands. At the same time, shopping malls will continue to operate and receive visitors as usual with an enhanced marketing program of interaction with customers, taking into account the special features of spring and summer shopping. 
Sustainability, flexibility, competitiveness, and attractiveness 
We constantly keep our finger on the pulse, conduct marketing research and analyze the operation of facilities, rethinking their capacity and growth potential. So that the projects remain stable and competitive, attractive and flexible to the new rapidly changing needs of buyers.