Straight Talk: The supremacy of law is the beacon that will bring investment to the country

Mikhail Merkulov, CEO of Arricano Real Estate PLC, will participate in the practical conference on Disputes Between Investors and the State: the Path to Dialogue, which will be held on April 20, 2017 in Kyiv.

The initiators, organizers and partners of the event - the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine and the companies members of ACC, the Ukrainian Venture and Private Capital Association and the consulting company Nobles Fortune, which organizes communication platforms for professional communities in order to create added value for the Ukrainian economy, - understand that today, the problem mentioned in the event's name is relevant and they suggest to solve pressing problems jointly «through a dialogue».

The speakers of the conference Disputes Between Investors and the State: the Path to Dialogue will be the following: Petro Petrenko, Minister of Justice of Ukraine, Iuliia Kovaliv, Head of the Office of the National Investment Council under the President of Ukraine, Petro Matyashek, Deputy Director of Ukraine Invest - Office of Investment Attraction and Support, Lorraine McMahon, CEO of Morgan Furniture; Mikhail Merkulov, CEO of Arricano; Nadiia Vasylyeva, CEO of Microsoft; Andrii Gunder, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine; Kostiantyn Magaletskyi, Partner of Horizon Capital; Oleh Marchenko, Partner in Marchenko Danevych company, Head of the resolving disputes practice.

On three thematic panels of the practical conference, the participants will be able to discuss strategies and tactics for developing a favorable investment climate in Ukraine: From Protecting Existing Investors to Attracting New Ones, getting acquainted with the Real Stories from Investors, taking advantage of experts' knowledge and successful cases in the thematic session: Successful History: the Experts' Opinion and Tools.

Business in Ukraine is a difficult environment for the international companies operation, not least because Ukrainian courts are not always able to protect the investors' rights, and at the same time, the Ukrainian government is becoming more open to a peaceful settlement of disputes with foreign investors.

The initiators of the event consider that the experience of an effective dialogue between foreign investors and the Ukrainian government, the existing positive experience in foreign investors attraction, international dispute resolution tools, programs the new investors arrival stimulation and the steps to protect international investment in Ukraine, can be one of the tools for developing a favorable investment climate in Ukraine.

Mikhail Merkulov, CEO of Arricano, notes that the investment climate in the country leaves much to be desired. «The absence of guarantees from the state concerning investor's property rights protection remains a key problem hampering the new investors arrival», - stresses CEO of Arricano. «Regardless of the positive moments in the fight against corruption, we have not yet seen any systemic changes. In the current difficult situation, appeals and verbal assurances in the desire to develop the investment climate from the country's leadership are not enough. Specific practical steps and illustrative examples of personal responsibility, personal participation of the country's top officials in projects and programs demonstrating the personal responsibility of the country's leaders guaranteeing the supremacy of law in Ukraine are needed. The supremacy of law is the beacon that will bring investment to the country».

General and financial directors, representatives of state authorities, experts in relations with state bodies, representatives of international organizations will be the conference participants.