The mayor of Kyiv - Vitalii Klitschko confirmed the expected opening date of Kyiv shopping malls

Today, at the meeting of representatives of the Ukrainian Council of Shopping Malls, whose delegation included Maksym Gavriushyn, Anna Chubotina and Volodymyr Tymochko, the mayor Vitalii Klitschko confirmed the decision to open shopping malls. Under favorable circumstances, by the end of next week, we can hope to resume the work of the Kyiv shopping malls. 
Developers along with the city mayor discussed the epidemiological situation in Kyiv, the dependence of the malls operation and city transport infrastructure, and paid special attention to security measures and disinfection in shopping malls. 
For the Kyiv authorities, as well as for developers, the compliance with sanitary recommendations in the shopping mall operation and informing the visitors about distancing, staying in masks etc. remain important aspects. For their part, representatives of development companies assured of the full readiness of the shopping malls to open, the fulfillment of all requirements and expressed gratitude to the mayor for a constructive dialogue and the right decision. 
"We guarantee the implementation of all sanitary recommendations in the operation of our shopping malls. After all, this is the most important task for all businesses today. The decision to reopen the Kyiv shopping malls, without a doubt, is logical and correct, given several reasons. First, the shopping mall is a safe social space with an affordable algorithm for adjusting the number of visitors, as well as the ability to manage all processes, providing contactless access to all stores inside the mall, maximum-level disinfection and ventilation of each room. Secondly, the development of retailer businesses, which are currently experiencing economic difficulties, depends on the operation of shopping malls. And, thirdly, tens of thousands of employees will return to their jobs," said Anna Chubotina, CEO of Arricano and a member of the consulting team of the Ukrainian Council of Shopping Malls.