The III stage of the Business 2 Students by Arricano educational project has started

On March 22, 2017, a press lunch was held at which the III stage of the Business 2 Students by Arricano educational project was presented.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Development Center called the B2S by Arricano case one of the best CSR practices in the country by the results of 2016. «The Arricano program is an excellent educational project for students' motivation. It helps students who may have lost a bit of inspiration during their studies, to see successful, motivated and persevering business people, to see themselves in their team», - said Marina Saprykina, the Head of CSR Development Center. - «Most of all, I am motivated by the organizers' perseverance and drive: when the eyes of the initiators are burning, this has to inspire everyone else».

In 2017 the project has gained momentum. The initiative of Arricano was joined by the companies of the retail, development and media market.

«Partners relations between universities and business are the approach that our country needs for the human capital development», - assured Anatoly Mazaraki, the chancellor of KNUTE, the progressive university that is participating in the project. The professor notes that the project is aimed at making human capital productive, because the participation of practitioners, who have achieved a lot, can give a lot to young people. Ukrainian business and universities only learn to work effectively for the overall result. This is important, because the future depends on the quality of human capital.

At the meeting of representatives of the university, business and the mass media, a Memorandum of Cooperation between all participants of the III stage of the Business 2 Students by Arricano project was signed. The readiness to join forces to support students in adaptation to professional activities was approved by signatures of the Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics and 10 companies - Arricano, Ekonomika+, MTI, Multiplex Holding, Watsons Ukraine, Retail Community, Ukrainian Real Estate Club, Brocard-Ukraine, KarKat Fashion, and The aim of the III stage of the B2S by Arricano educational project is not only to give students the opportunity to listen to lectures and take part in master classes from business practitioners, but also to come to an internship and get a job after a successful internship.

Natalia Dmytrenko, Marketing Director of Arricano, said that the project development was determined by students' keen interest in the B2S and the willingness of KNUTE and the companies of the retail and development market to participate in preparing students for adulthood, because there is a lack of high quality staff in the industry. «The entrance ticket for the B2S by Arricano speakers is the employment of at least two students», - notes Natalia.

Meetings of students and business practitioners are planned from March to June 2017 in KNUTE. On March 20, the first master class How to Find Your Residence Permit: the Whole Truth About the Importance of the First Employment and the Choice of the Employer from Natalia Dmytrenko was held in a relaxed and creative atmosphere, when students were not only listening to the speaker, but also were playing the interview elements to understand what expectations the employer has and what skills they still have to master.

«Business social responsibility is a setting for partnership, a platform for innovation and a sign of the civil society development in the country», - said Mikhail Merkulov, CEO of Arricano. The partnership in the B2S by Arricano project is multi-layered and enriching: university and business have joined their forces for the human capital development and assistance in adaptation for yesterday's students, Top-managers - students - for exchanging experiences and energy, adults and young people get the opportunity to find a common language in generational differences, the industry players - for the young high quality staff development.

The participants of the B2S by Arricano project note the importance of such collaboration for students' personal and professional development, share their vision of what the current students need to make their first steps in their professional lives, and tell what is relevant for the companies in the project.

Hanna Berezetska, the Head of Corporate and Integrated Projects, Ekonomika+

Ekonomika+ media company is the second year partner of the B2S by Arricano project and considers it to be one of the most important projects for the future ecosystem formation. Why? Firstly, it resonates with our value system and mission. Secondly, we, as no one else understand the value of human resources for the business success in particular and the country as a whole: we do business, write for business, we train it. Like all progressive companies in Ukraine, Ekonomika+ is constantly experiencing staff shortages and is faced with the fact that there are not so many people, who are able to start immediately and do it qualitatively, and this can be seen not only among young people. The B2S project allows attracting tomorrow's pros to work in real business from the student's age, to help them see how the textbook differs from work in the office and in the field. 

Anastasia Davydova, Marketing Director, Multiplex.

Emotions and comfort are primarily important for us as the largest network of cinemas. We do a lot of educational projects. In this project, we expect that students will learn how to manage emotions, because this is an important professional skill for working in service businesses. I believe that we will get a cool result.

Oksana Donska, Co-founder, Internet projects and

We have several reasons for participating in the B2S project. Firstly, 15 years ago I have graduated from the university of trade. Secondly, we are very actively developing and we really need employees, who want to burn with their work and achieve results with us. Thirdly, I have a positive experience of participating in an educational project with the aim of attracting employees: 10 years ago I came to KNUTE to hold a seminar and find an active student. Sviatoslav Amelin has become such student, with whom we are now effectively developing two online stores and want to become number 1 on the Ukrainian market.

Sergey Batritdinov, Executive Director, MTI

Economy and trade are those components that increase the welfare of the country. Entrepreneurship can change the country. We support the entrepreneurship. I want to inform young people that changes in the country are possible only through their work. And, of course, we will take more than 2 students to work; if there will be such students. However, this is not the main aim, the main aim is to change the culture of the country.

Liudmyla Sevriuk, Director, Brocard-Ukraine

I like this university, I am a graduate of KNUTE, I was a member of the state examination board, so when I was invited to the B2S project, I immediately answered - yes. A company that represents luxury goods, a company that brings people closer to the world of fashion, into the world of beauty, always needs creative and energetic staff. We need new students, new ideas, new energy very much. Today we employ 1,600 people. Therefore, a large number of vacancies are always open in Brocard-Ukraine. We will gladly take the students.

Ihor Zabulonskyi, General Director of KarKat Fashion

 For us this is the first time experience in the social educational project. We, like everyone here, feel hunger for talented young people; we always have a list of vacancies, which in our time is very difficult to lead to zero. It's good that there is such an integrated complex project. Our team is ready to share with the experience and is confident that the students will bring an additional impulse, an impetus to our activities. We will be happy to support young people, who are just starting their professional path, and to show what to expect from working life and from the market.

Hanna Savelieva, Director of Retail Operations, Watsons Ukraine

The generation of millenials is in the focus of our attention, they are our customers and our employees. In general, the company is focused on attracting young people with a view to finding a job. Understanding their needs and qualitative dialogue, helps to understand how we can change. Watsons Ukraine has a multi-channel structure, therefore it is important for us to involve young people in all spheres. To be a successful company in the market, you need to feel and understand your client. Only the person who understands what people want from him can give it to them. I believe that the project has a great future, because it is oriented to understanding.

Iuliia Belinska, Chief Editor, Founder, Retail Community

 I immediately agreed, because I believe that the only capital that exists is human. Profit for shareholders, business is earned not by machines, not by real estate, but by people. I'm looking for new young people, young talents. I remember myself in my student years: the 4-5 courses are isolation from the reality, when there is no idea of life, and work, about business. And it's great that the project gives students the opportunity to try themselves in different roles and understand how the business works and what they might need. I am happy to take to my internship those who want to try themselves in writing.

Olha Solovey, CEO, Ukrainian Real Estate Club:

I agreed to participate in the project for one simple reason - when I came to the first place of work and was frightened. I studied for 5 years, got a diploma with honors, everything worked out for me, but at the first place of work it turned out that I do not know anything. I was terribly disappointed, I was terribly hurt, frustrating and unpleasant. I thought something was wrong with me. When I have changed my employer, it became clear: everything is all right with me, I just need to learn a little more. The first place of work is very important. I already have one student and I am very pleased with him. I believe that I can definitely help students take the first steps in the profession.

Prytulska Nataliia, Vice-Chancellor, KNUTE

We have been in search of the right communication with business for a long time. Forming a culture of business, a culture of consumption, a culture of learning is what we do. That excitement, which is now among our students in relation to the project, is a sign of its relevance. We are open for communication, we are ready for cooperation, we are developing. The development of the B2S by Arricano project promotes a new model of student-university-business interactions, affects the development of human potential, the quality of professionals, forms partnership standards and, as a result, has a positive impact on the economy of the country.

The program of students and speakers' meetings within the B2S by Arricano project - can be found at