The start of the III season of B2S project

B2S by Arricano is a case, which was considered by the Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility as one of the best CSR practices in Ukraine. Indeed, within this educational project, students are approaching business practice, in order to quickly find a better job, adapt to the companies' corporate culture, define their personal goals and become successful professionals.

In the third season B2S by Arricano project has started on March 21 at KNTEU University with Nataliia Dmytrenko's lecture How to Find Your Postscript: the Whole Truth About the Importance of the First Job and the Choice of the Employer. This time, the project has involved other leading players in the retail and development market - the companies: MTI, Ekonomika+, Retail Community, Multiplex Holding, URE club, Brocard, KarKat Fashion, Watsons and the Internet projects: and Entrance ticket for B2S by Arricano speakers is to employ at least two students.

Public lectures schedule