Tips from Arricano’s millenials to the Forum participants about competition for personnel and the battle for talents "What to do?"

CEO and HRD of retail networks, online stores, service and manufacturing companies discussed current issues at the Forum about competition for personnel and the battle for talents "What to do?", organized by Among which — the man power outflow from Ukraine and the possible consequences of this trend; steps that can be taken to meet the industry hunger. In the last decade, competition for personnel has been changing, acquiring new forms, prompting companies to change the models for attracting and retaining qualified specialists, to look for democratic principles of interaction with both candidates and employees.
Natalia Dmytrenko, the CMO of Arricano, took part in the Forum in the “Case studies: what do different generations want from employers” panel and together with millenial colleagues presented the answers to key questions. Representatives of Arricano marketing department team Daria Ponkratova, Oleksandra Sukhotina and Ihor Prytula shared their experience in finding first job, adaptation and told about the factors that should be taken into account by the employer and top manager, working with representatives of different generations. The case of the employer’s interaction with students — the future young employees — was the Business2Students project, which started in 2016 with the support of Arricano.  
Arricano CMO moderated an open interview, during which Daria, Oleksandra and Ihor told the Forum participants about their fears and expectations, important and significant things, when you get your first job. As a result of discussion, the millenials gave the following advices to employers:
1.    Always motivate young employees, even at the interview stage. Someone consider salary to be important, other — the opportunity to learn and develop, and there are those, for whom the internal communication and the ability to receive feedback are the most important.
2.    To show first-year students that companies have a job for them, because many students believe that there is no chance of getting a job or an internship for 17-18-year-olds, despite their desire.
3.    Announce the company’s goal. It is important that the company had a goal that inspires, which you would like to be involved to; it is important to understand that you can become a part of something big or cool. Something that you would like to share with others. 
4.    The transparent career system is attracting.
5.    And doing someone else’s work is not motivating. The employee must know his specific tasks and be responsible for them, but he can perform the “not his own” job, if desired, and for a separate payment.
6.    The direct communication and feedback are required to understand how to evolve, to understand that you are on the right track.
7.    The company should be without bureaucracy. 
8.    The atmosphere in the team also matters. It is important to immediately know the company’s norms in order to feel comfortable.
9.    The employee and the company choose each other as equals. 

Anna Savielieva the operational director of Watsons, took part in “Case studies: what do different generations want from employers” panel. Anna told about global trends and Ukrainian tendencies, forecasts and changes that will occur in the Fourth Industrial Revolution era, as well as the peculiarities of working with the millenials. 
The Business2Students project, which is being held for the second year with the support of Watsons, was presented to the Forum audience from the point of view of practical application and employment results of young specialists — former graduates. “Business2Students allows an employer to meet with a potential applicant”, — said Anna and Natalia. — “Both master classes, internships, and the possibility of friendly communication with successful people from business help students and graduates making a choice on profession, place of work, because graduates in Ukraine do not always work in their specialty”.
“People in management are both a big responsibility, an asset, and a challenge”, — believes Yullia Belinska, the founder of and the ideological inspirer of the “Forum on competition for personnel and the battle for talents”, — Business is made by people. People create a product, people communicate with our customers, everything in our businesses depends on people. Thus, the situation in the market of applicants and employers has changed dramatically in recent years. People leave Ukraine, and the best, ambitious, blue collars are leaving. 4 million people are working abroad. And this means a real battle for talents. The difference of generations is added to this. Those born in the 2000s, those who do not know life without the Internet, have their own ideas about the place of work. Therefore, we decided to convoke this Forum for a frank conversation and discuss: “What to do?”