Arricano employees learned to provide first aid

Among the important soft skills necessary in today's world, the interest to the ability to care for health and to provide the first aid is growing. According to statistics, the ambulance arrives on average within 15-20 minutes. In the absence of oxygen, a human brain dies in 4-6 minutes. Pre-medical care provided at the scene can save a person's life, prevent further deterioration of health, and give an opportunity for the further treatment.
For employees of a mall, especially for facility managers and staff of a mall, the ability to provide first aid becomes a necessary skill, because there are always a lot of people in the mall. In extreme circumstances, when a visitor is getting ill, it is necessary to know how to react in the situation before the arrival of the doctors.
“In Arricano staff training program for 2019, we have planned the training of pre-medical care for the company's employees, while continuous training and development of our employees is a part of the corporate culture,” Viktoriia Shevchuk, HR Director of Arricano says. “It's a tool for developing of competencies of specialists, both hard skills and soft skills, a way to get the staff acquainted with  new business trends and a resource for the company’s development.”
On October 18, 20 Arricano employees from the development, operation and leasing departments and employees of Prospekt and RayON shopping malls were trained during one-day specialized training “FAST Urban Trauma” to provide pre-medical assistance. Such a program is recommended to be mastered especially by specialists of risk, installation and technical professions, that’s why coaches taught how to assist the victims in the event of injuries or sudden diseases.
The participants gained knowledge and developed skills necessary to identify situations, which need the interference of a rescuer, assess the scene, provide personal safety by giving assistance, as well as rules for evacuation of a victim and pre-medical assistance. The training was carried out by specialists from the Ukrainian company FAST, which specializes in training people who are not medical professionals to provide care, according to a special program designed for the corporate sector.
Inna Sotnikova, director of Prospekt and RayON shopping malls, comments, “There are first-aid kits in our shopping malls, our personnel knows what to do when information about the sudden disease of visitors or personnel is received - where to call and whom to tell. After the training on providing the first aid, we are prepared from a practical point of view as well. Awareness and skills reduce the level of anxiety and stress that always arise in emergency situations. In addition, sometimes, they can save a person's life.”