On the introduction of the "orange" zone in Kyiv and the activities of the Arricano's shopping malls

Since September 14, 2020, Kyiv, by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, was included to the "orange" zone. Consequently, there were additional anti-epidemic requirements for individuals to stay in public institutions - hotels, sports clubs, concert halls, and so on.

In relation to the shopping malls, according to the requirements of this resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the reception of visitors, including in stores located in the shopping mall, is allowed, provided that no more than one visitor per 10 square meters of retail space stays in the premises. 

Arricano's shopping malls have strictly followed all the rules and requirements since the quarantine was eased in June and until today. During regular inspections by state authorities, no violations were detected. Moreover, in Arricano shopping malls in Kyiv – Prospekt and RayON shopping malls - there are signs and markings of the area that inform visitors about the observance of social distance. Entrance to the shopping mall without masks and respirators is prohibited. This is monitored by the security service, and there are primary control and temperature screening points at the entrance groups, where you can also disinfect your hands with appropriate means.

The shopping mall thoroughly disinfects the premises in several ways, which ensures the quality and cleanliness of public space. Each store also hosts relevant events, and the staff monitors the number of visitors. 

"During the quarantine, we have learned how to interact with the audience of visitors and store staff. We all understand the importance and seriousness of the situation, that keeping a distance and wearing protective masks is rule No.1 for everyone without exception. No one wants unpredictable consequences, we all aim to act exactly as it is spelled out in the requirements. We work, disinfect, and don't panic. In fact, as before the introduction of the "orange" level of danger, and now the mall performs teamwork on respecting distances, communication with visitors and constant reminder of the basic rules of conduct that are relevant to today's realities", - said Inna Sotnikova, Director of the Prospekt and RayON shopping malls.

The Arricano team continues to monitor changes in legislation and respond quickly to innovations. As well as conduct activities so that both visitors and tenants of the shopping mall have the opportunity to implement the tasks set and solve consumer needs.