Generous society and its ambassadors: how Prospekt shopping mall collected donations for the inclusive Kosmotabir 2022

Arricano's CSR portfolio includes a number of relevant projects aimed at developing the community. The most recent of them is the collection of donations for the inclusive "Kosmotabir-2022", which was held in a new format for the company.  Its special feature is that Arricano not only invested in the organization, but also brought together the ambassadors of the Prospekt shopping mall brand to jointly popularize the idea of a generous race and donations for the "Bachyty Serzem" Foundation on the Kind Challenge fundraising platform.

This foundation annually organizes an inclusive summer "Kosmotabir", where children and adults declare respect for diversity.  Kateryna Babkina, who is the platform's Communication Director, emphasizes the importance of the Kosmotabir, and noted the key role of Prospekt shopping mall in organizing the current charity campaign: "We cooperate with eight dozen Ukrainian charitable foundations, for which we raise funds. A generous race is our largest campaign, and we have collected more than a million UAH. This year's generous race had special generous partners. First of all, this is Prospekt shopping mall, which not only acted as our major organizational partner, but also launched its own large separate campaign. They attracted fundraisers in favor of the Kosmotabir project. 

The team of Prospekt shopping mall joined the Generous Race together with the ambassadors of the Prospekt shopping mall brand, who became donors and fundraisers for Kosmotabir 2022. It turned out that the shopping mall really forms a circle of friends, because the project was attended by those teachers who were participants of the social and educational project Teachers' Self Upgrade in Prospekt shopping mall. 

"According to statistics, 81% of customers prefer socially responsible brands. I am proud to work for a company for which the words "Corporate Social Responsibility" are not just a declaration, but a reason for active actions. Our position is embodied in major projects. For me, participation in this particular project is also important personally, with an educational effect for my son Oleksandr.  He liked the idea of helping others, and together we registered for a Generous Race, creating our first good fundraising campaign," said Olena Pohodina, Marketing Director of Arricano. 

"CSR for Arricano is a priority area of social manifestation of the company in the life of the community and society, as spelled out in our corporate ESG policy. It is education and awareness-building activities that are the key vector of interaction with different segments of the audience for us. Generous Tuesday, a race of participants, a Kind Challenge platform and collecting donations for Kosmotabir - this is a multi-stage path, as a result of which we achieved our goals. We organized ambassadors for the Prospekt shopping mall brand and realized that you can rely on friends, especially when we share common values – sharing good things to help others. And it was a particularly personalized project people 2 people, because each participant made a lot of their own efforts, donated and promoted donations so that children could develop in the summer in a special "Kosmotabir-2022", - summed up Anna Chubotina, CEO of Arricano.