Arricano social initiative in Prospekt shopping mall to St. Nicholas Day

On December 17-18, 2016, Arricano has implemented a charitable project "Change Old Clothes to the New". Everyone could bring to Prospekt shopping mall (Kyiv) good warm clothes, that are not being worn, to pass them to people, who are in need.

"The desire to help other people is a need, which is important to be performed by each person, - it is noted by the Arricano's marketing department team - the social initiative to the St. Nicholas day is a project that has united all those who desire to make a small miracle in the New Year and Christmas period".

The participants of the charity campaign were ordinary people who wanted to help the needy, tenants of Prospekt shopping mall, who provided special coupons of UAH 100, 200 and 300 for purchasing in their stores as a gratitude for the participation in the project to anyone who brought clothes; Social Partnership Fund, which will give the clothes to people in need, and Arricano, initiator of the project, the company that manages Prospekt shopping mall.

The participants of the project "Change Old Clothes to the New" were pleased that such a large-scale social campaign was held. Twenty meters queue to the clothes rack transferring is the evidence of the need in and importance of such projects. Nataliia Dmytrenko, Arricano Marketing Director, said: "When on the first day campaign by 13:30 more than 400 people came, there was a queue and volunteers from Social Partnership were operating with 2 people per minute, it became obvious that we are doing something important. We have suggested a format, when people's desire to give to those in need, was implemented. And it causes the pride and gratitude. We are proud of the project. Thanks to people, to all the participants and partners".

Nataliia's opinion is shared by project partners, who provided coupons on new purchases.

Yevheniia Antonova, Marketing Manager of Butlers network stores, which provided 200 coupons, notes the relevance of emotional support for those in need, which is given by Arricano's social initiative: «This is a very important project, especially in the context of the events of recent years, when assistance becomes very important support and brings a positive meaning in a desired social project. I have not heard about other similar charity project, which would be performed in the retail sector. Everyone wants to do more good things before New Year. We are ready to participate in such projects, which give warmth and care".

Svitlana Tsyganok, Marketing Manager of Camel Active brand, which provided 200 coupons, highlights the active participation of ordinary people in a charity project. "On the holidays eve the desire to help has increased, there is a desire to make a little miracle, - says Svitlana, - It is important for our brand to support this desire, so we are pleased to become participants of the charity project, in which those who need warm clothes, will get this help and support before New Year".

The desire to make a little miracle is typical for people of different ages, genders and social groups, as evidenced by a diverse and heterogeneous queue of those, who are Changing Old Clothes to the New". Children, men and women, singly and with families, adults and young people could be found here. And, it should be noted that some people were not taking coupons, but were just giving their clothes.

Stanislava, a participant of the project Change Old Clothes to the New, pensioner, recalls: "I have many times got into such situation where it was difficult. Therefore, I believe that it is necessary to help, if you can. For example, my daughter transfers clothes, from which her child grew up in an orphanage for many years. I can help, too. It impressed that many bags with the things, which people brought were taken".

Oleksandr, brand manager, who brought warm clothes, said: "In our time, some people find it difficult to buy things, funds are used to purchase food and pay for utility bills. Therefore, if you can help, you should do it. Charity is the desire to help those in need, it is not indifferentness. Starting from a baby age, the child should be trained to share. When such charity events are being organized, I am involved in them. This desire comes from within".

"This campaign has made us all a little kinder" - Valentyna shares her emotions, mother of three children, a project participant, who noted that everyone were quiet, kind and a little solemn near the point of putting things.

The result of the charity project turned out to be spectacular. 39 days of project preparation, 24 hours of Changing Old Clothes to the New, more than 5 thousand coupon codes, thousands of people for whom the world will be a little kinder. Lena Polishchuk, President of the Social Partnership Fund has reported that members of the social project have handed over 15 000 items.

Only by helping those in need, you can create a comfortable life in our country, - says Mikhail Merkulov, CEO of Arricano: "To motivate people to share things that they do not need, give what you can give, to initiate social projects and to involve people in them is important for socially responsible business. The responsibility for the future is increasing in complex social projects".