School and social relationship: feedback of respondents in "Prospekt" shopping mall

Can a school become a comfortable eco-system which takes into account wishes of students, teachers and parents?

How could a school atmosphere change if we listen to wishes of students? In fact, the students and their parents feel free to express their opinion and attitude towards the school. Even if they do not like something, they are ready to point out to each of their “dislikes”. The employees of “Prospekt” shopping mall where the social poll “I dream about the school where...” was held had a chance to make sure of it.

The format of the poll was a “wish board” where guests of “Prospekt” shopping mall were invited to write their thoughts, opinions and attitudes towards the school.

“For us the “school board” was a pilot project, because instead of a traditional marketing research, we hold a poll related to school. The respondents were not asked specific questions, but expressed their opinion freely.

As a result 10 basic categories that are the most important for the representatives of three generations X, Y and Z appeared. It turned out that the most popular topics were the teachers' loyalty to children, innovations and creative technologies in the educational process. Many respondents believe that school being the main educational institution needs essential changes both in relations and in integration of IT solutions into the educational process,” notes Natalia Dmytrenko, marketing director of Arricano.

About freedom of choice in school

The most of respondents wrote that they wanted to select the subjects interesting to the students, foreign languages and CAS activities, as well as to have an optional study of additional subjects.

About art

Representatives of different generations in school consider that it is necessary to increase a number of creative lessons, to study art, modern music, play musical instruments and give drawing lessons outdoors.

About moral and relations in school

Schoolchildren dream about loyal teachers, about mutual understanding between generations, about high school students who do not offend first-graders. In general, everybody dreams about school without corruption and unfair marks. For a certain group of respondents, it is important to implement in school the lessons of religion and morality.

About sports and training

Many students and parents wishes that their schools had swimming pools, a wide range of sports sections and physical training classes; that physical training teachers take into account the state of health and physical condition of children. After all, not everyone can run a hundred-meter distance in 10 seconds.

About IT Innovations

A lot of respondents wrote on the “school board” that our schools need IT innovations: interactive classes and on-line lessons, equipment of modern IT classes, use of electronic books, textbooks and notebooks. School needs Wi-Fi.

About upgrade

As for the school uniform, the students want it to be more fashionable; they also want to have less lessons per day and that the classes begin at 10:00, or at least at 9:00 (not at 8:30), to have no marks and to get only new textbooks.

About infrastructure

A system of control of cleanliness in classrooms, corridors and bathrooms, a comfort of storage of outerwear and installment of personal lockers turned out to be of particular importance. In general, the infrastructure of schools needs a new concept and a modern design.

About catering system

Students would like to choose dishes by themselves, to have more sweets and free hot dogs in a menu, to get complex lunches cheaper and to get tastes and standards of cooking in their school canteens improved.

About the atmosphere

The atmosphere at school may be improved if music sounds and special recreation areas with board and educational games are organized.

About additional opportunities

For many high school students it would be convenient to learn driving and to get a driving license at school. They would also like to have more excursions and creative lessons for personal development.

The study carried out in "Prospekt" shopping mall allowed to distinguish three social micro-trends:

1. Most of respondents (over 70%) spoke rather negatively about school. Because, in their opinion, there is a number of essential points that needs to be improved immediately.

2. The social poll demonstrated that girls compared to boys and young men were more open, responsible and sincere when expressing their personal opinion.

3. As for “improvements and innovations”, 50% of respondents believe that school needs to be improved step by step. The remaining 50% are sure that it is necessary to introduce disruptive innovations immediately.

The study was carried out in “Prospekt” shopping mall from August 17 to September 3, 2017.