The largest «LC Waikiki» Store is Opening in Kyiv «Prospekt» Shopping Mall

On November, 1st the largest «LC Waikiki» store is opening in Kyiv «Prospekt» shopping mall. Thereby, Arricano, leading developing company in Ukraine, is enhancing tenant portfolio due to strong anchor brands in «Prospekt». It is reasonably for footfall enhancing conjointly with the new professional retailer.

The area of the largest «LC Waikiki» store in Kiev is 1360 м2, with more than 30 000 SKU of clothes for men, women and children.

Nata Bachiashvili, LC Waikiki operating director in Ukraine and Belarus, informs that company’s philosophy is the following – «Everyone Deserves to Dress Well» enabling people to enjoy affordable fashion through products of good quality at reasonable prices. «LC Waikiki» aims to present products, which are suitable for consumer’s style and budget. All collections are unique at each new model, which is manufactured with bright and sunny ecological fabric. The company invests in new researches and improvements of fabric’s structure. It is important for «LC Waikiki» to offer these products corresponding to consumer’s needs and expectations at the desired quality, sunny colors and suitable models for all family.

Nataliya Dmitrenko, marketing director Arricano Real Estate, adds: «Positively, it is good news for many visitors in Prospekt. Due to our March marketing research, more then 20% of interviewed visitors responded that «LC Waikiki» is in high demand among favorite brands of clothes that suit for all family. Together with «LC Waikiki» team we are planning a lot of events for our visitors. For opening we organize interesting and surprising activities full of presents and positive emotions».

Julia Schastlivaya, leasing director Arricano Real Estate informs: «We aim to strengthen our brand portfolio in «Prospekt» with «LC Waikiki». Up to the end of 2015 the technical vacancy will be no more than 5%. As the result, we enhance our shopping mall as well as we upgrade fashion segment. We are very happy that our «Prospekt» visitors can purchase clothes from «LC Waikiki». As for me, I also prefer «LC Waikiki» for me and my children for special events».