Establishing a contact or 6 cutie marks for community interaction

Olena Obukhivska, Communication Manager of Arricano Real Estate Plc, tells about challenges in communication management, about the ways to keep in touch with your target audience in the modern world where information noise makes people indifferent to news, about successful cases and conclusions about things that make a person involved. Author of column
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Cutie marks of retail-content
To create a community of value-minded people, to manage your own digital-environment, to provide mentioning in mass media and to develop ideological leadership - these are, perhaps, five priority tasks of communication management. As a result, a brand develops its “discussability”, making itself known and discussed. Because content is a new power of influence. Number of likes and quality storytelling are simple ways to increase the public potential of a brand in spite of no-name trend among young people. Today, however, even the brightest and the most emotional content needs strengthening by means of new sharing-tools. And here are some ideas how to do this on the account of low cost activities and personal involvement.

Ego-touching content
Buyers who are also subscribers and readers of mass media, better perceive the content that “touches” their internal personal resource filling it with vital senses. That’s why the use of simple brand aphorisms such as “Open Your Shoulders and Confess your Love” from MustHave, “Artist Is in Everyone” from Art Mart, or “Add some Naughtiness to Your Image” from Conte, will, at least, make you smile or cause personal associations (the examples were taken from brand posts on the page of Prospekt shopping mall in Facebook). If we talk about the meaningful PR content, life-affirming lifehacks like “protest against ordinary things, if they could be done in a different way” or “as is known, choosing between tasty and useful children always will choose tasty” (from an interview with N.Michkovska and O.Klopotenko for the site of Prospekt shopping mall) in their own way can compete the advice from Osho. Because a buyer needs to know how to become happy and satisfied with life. And quick brand-tips fill a buyer’s constantly devastating ego-resource with quick-motivating ideas. They like such content because it fills them with emotions.
Another way of emotional motivation in fashion-retail is to integrate “eternal” phrases into your own brand-content. For example, “Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess” - in the news about the opening of SOVA Island in Prospekt shopping mall. Or, “As Ralph Lauren spoke: fashion is not necessarily about labels. It's not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you”- to promote Fashion Point in Sun Gallery shopping mall.

Find yourself
There is a lot of news today. One can’t read all of them. That’s why readers are indifferent to news content until they find themselves in a piece of news. However, if a surname, a quote, a picture of a reader appears on the information site, this piece of news immediately becomes a personal hype. And then a controversial process is launched: a reader himself/herself begins to spread the article on Facebook, at work, among neighbors.
The number of “readers interested” grows depending on a reader’s charisma and his/her sharing-efforts. A good example of such process was the interview with teachers in Cool School project! And no training at RayON shopping mall.

Yours is always nearer
Residents of regional and district centers always prefer their local resources. After all, everything that happens in your hometown is closer and more interesting. And at this level an information mismatching arises for international brands that miss the opportunity to access their “followers” through the local press. The effectiveness of this approach was demonstrated by LC Waikiki in Zaporizhzhia shopping mall City Mall. In a special fashion-route around the shopping mall prepared for the city portal the shop's consultants spoke simply, “in their own words”, about the history of the international brand, new collections, models, colors and trends. As the result, they got a triple effect - the brand became “closer to its buyers”, live content in the language of buyers turned out to be understandable and engaging and the sellers “found themselves” in news which they promoted themselves.

If you want to forget something - we'll remind you about it
Taking into account the dynamics of modern life, everything is forgotten very quickly. New hypes and lifehacks appear non-stop, cover the space and are absorbed by the media-universe. The buyers’ memory is short. The concept “Out of sight” is unacceptable. Top of mind shall be fed and fertilized with all possible vitamin methods - interviews with participants, influential cases, a new wave of lifehacks or new characters. News about different aspects of the same topic should appear regularly, at least 4 times a month. For example, in the content plan for Prospekt shopping mall we plan 8 press releases about the life of this shopping mall:

•    4 news-releases for industry and B2C media about openings of Pro Sport, Coffeelat, SOVA and Beauty Market stores;
•    Fun-release about the launch of Prospektus fan application for entertainment magazines;
•    Announcement of Creative Master Class in Art Mart hypermarket for city posters;
•    Interview with chef-blogger Yevhen Klopotenko for tabloids;
•    Social research dedicated to books and preferences of visitors of Prospekt shopping mall for promotion of “Bukva” store in B2C media. 

In all references in the media various socially significant events in Prospekt shopping mall forming atmosphere of a comfortable social space in the mall were mentioned.

Quick and laconic
Each content manifestation has its own cutie mark*. And if it was noticed it means that the contact has been established. One can invent brand-facts endless and creatively. It is important to emphasize that people read fast today and messages shall be bright, meaningful and laconic. If you communicate regularly, involving your reader with information and emotion, the interaction with your audience will get stronger. And an occasion will always be found!

* Cutie mark is a special pony mark in My Little Pony animated series, indicating a personal tag