Retail Consultant is Arricano and Retailers new joint educational project

The second video about the shopping center's marketing of Retail Consultant educational program, the joint project of Arricano development company and the Retailers portal, will be released within a month. 
Retail Consultant is a series of educational videos about the best practices from the retail business of market experts for those, who make the first steps in retail. 
«The project's main goal is to support retailers, who want to develop, use modern knowledge and technologies to increase business performance. We talk only about effective tools, and we use an accessible and popular resource for this - YouTube», - notes Natalia Dmytrenko, the Marketing Director of Arricano Real Estate Plc.
The first video, released on December 20, 2017, was devoted to window dressing, the second, on January, - the tenants and shopping center's SMM activity issues. 
«The theme of the video is determined by trends and tendencies in retail business development», - notes Yuliia Belinska, the Editor-in-chief of Retailers, an online portal on the retail and Internet trade.
Three-minute video lessons contain a theoretical basis on the current issue from specialists and recommendations on how to implement them in practice and implement new ideas into life. 
The Retail Consultant project was a logical continuation of the information cooperation between Arricano and Retailers. In 2017, the Arricano's top managers shared on the portal their life-hacks in the Retail Hacks by Arricano column. «We received a fairly wide response to these publications. As a result, the idea arose to make a series of materials on relevant topics for retailers», - said Natalia Dmytrenko. - «Considering the video content's development as a trend, as well as Arricano's educational ideology and our team's experimental spirit, we decided that the videos better perform this task and will be interesting for our existing and potential partners».
The project organizers believe that an integrated approach is necessary for sales growth. «In the current conditions of consumer market's saturation, when every retailer is fighting for his consumer, his attention and his wallet, success comes to those, who constantly improve themselves, take into account the customers' expectations and requests, manage consumer experience, by increasing the positive customer experience. The Retail Consultant project is an on-line assistant for retailers in sales increase», - said Mykhailo Merkulov, the CEO of Arricano Real Estate Plc.
10-12 videos of Retail Consultant are planned over the 2018.