Arricano took the lead in the Development reputation rating

The Organizing committee of the National rating of corporate reputation management quality "Reputation ACTIVists" has published an industry cross-section and a shot-list of operators in the relevant sectors of the Ukrainian economy that maintain a stable corporate and market position. The rating indicators were the company's reputation stability, media activity, innovative approach in communications, CSR image capital and anti-crisis stability. 

In the construction and development market, Arricano took the first position in the rating, scoring 221.75 consolidated points on five indicators having a significant impact on the business's reputation. 

"In the rating of quality reputation management, we apply a conceptual approach of coordinated actions of the nominee company in three blocks, which are evaluated by the jury and market experts. This includes the basis for reputation management, an array of tools for creating a reputation, including the skill and regularity of their use, as well as a feedback system and constant monitoring of the relationship of stakeholders to the company. Arricano has gained one of the highest indicators of reputation assets in the development market," said Olena Derevianko, Chairman of the Organizing committee of the National rating of corporate reputation management quality "Reputation ACTIVists" and Vice - President of the Ukrainian PR League. 

"Arricano has been working in the Ukrainian commercial real estate market for 15 years. During this time, we have passed our way of forming a corporate reputation and developing multi-vector relationship with stakeholders. This includes the London stock exchange, investors, banks and financial institutions, tenants and partners-contractors, media, company employees, experts, authorities, industry associations and consumers who visit Arricano shopping malls.  Reputation is multifaceted and systemic, and the trust is its main component. And this is the most valuable thing," says Anna Chubotina, CEO of Arricano.  

"It is interesting and confident to work with decent companies as with decent people. I am impressed by the exceptive methodology of the reputation management quality rating, where media activity, image capital, reputation stability and anti-crisis stability are taken into account. Personally, I know the value of each generated corporate message, link to the publication, and the importance of working with stakeholders in forming an opinion about the company. And how much effort is needed to maintain the high reputation level that we set together with the Arricano team, " added Olena Obukhivska, Arricano Communications manager.

Arricano expresses its gratitude to the organizers of the National rating of corporate reputation management quality "Reputation ACTIVists", experts and investment analysts, chief editors and journalists who evaluated developers and put up their points.