RayDay is a new format of the annual holiday of RayON shopping mall

On the last Saturday of August, for residents and guests of Troieshchyna, the RayON shopping mall holds annually a holiday dedicated to the birthday of the shopping and entertainment center. 
About creating original BTL brands 
This year, RayON shopping mall  turned 8 years old, the celebration was held in a new format "RayDay", taking into account the distance of guests, a new approach to emotional content and in partnership with the famous FMCG brand "Laska".
RayDay is our new solution for holding a BTL event in a shopping mall, where it is important to create an emotional holiday, traditionally celebrate the shopping mall's birthday, which visitors know about and remind themselves of, and also to observe the rules of respiratory etiquette and remote mode. I think that "RayDay" is for a long time, which in the future can turn into an umbrella BTL brand in RayOn shopping mall. We already have experience in creating and deploying branded event brands. All the children's events that we hold in RayDay are combined in edutainment - the concept of Cool School. And tenants often offer to hold a joint event by themselves, because the idea of Cool School appeals and easily adapts to the needs of retailers", - says Olena Obukhivska, Arricano Communications Director.  
During the event on "RayDay"in RayON shopping mall, guests were offered such activities as bright stylish photo zone, contests and entertainment for children in a chamber format and the presentation of ice cream "Laska" to participants, remote interactive with popular characters fyorki, which were designed for children, but adults also took the initiative to participate. 
Loyalty and community 
"RayON shopping mall has a very loyal and warm audience of visitors who know, love and regularly come to their favorite shopping center in Troieshchyna. After all, everything you need is nearby. We actively cooperate with various target audience groups and form the RayON shopping mall as the main social space and interesting online community. We see how the shopping center traffic is growing every year, we track the consumer patterns of this particular community of buyers and offer interesting projects," comments Olena Pohodina, Marketing Director of Arricano.
The "highlight" of the RayDay holiday was the presentation of thanks to the participants of the children's drawing exhibition "Summer Fantasies", which was held in June and was included in the top 10 cultural events in Kyiv, which is recommended to visit according to the Kyiv edition https://kyiv.depo.ua/. 
"We annually organize more than 100 events of different levels and formats for RayON shopping mall. And we see how every time visitors become more actively involved and participate, how the audience's interest in everything that happens in the space of the shopping and entertainment center increases. This is really the right position to develop the shopping mall as an active social space, " says Pavlo Moiseienko, founder of Ad.A Agence advertising agency. 
RayON shopping mall has become a media platform for developing relationships in the real offline space, forming the "buyer-brand-shopping mall" ecosystem. Such projects as Cool School in the style of "Schoolchildren as secret buyers", "ArtFashion: from the 20s to the 20s. For children about the art", and brand digital communications in social media have become effective communication tools for attracting tenant brands and segmenting target groups.  We must highlight also charity projects of the RayON shopping mall united by the idea "Humanity is our asset". 
About social significance for the district
According to the Main Department of Statistics of Kyiv, as of July 1, 2020, about 370 thousand residents live in the Desnianskyi district of the capital. And monthly traffic is 0.6 million visitors. This once again confirms the frequency of visits and loyalty of guests to RayON shopping mall. 
"8 years is, on the one hand, a respectable age for RayON shopping mall, which is firmly anchored in the infrastructure of Troieshchyna. On the other hand, it is an innovative, active, safe social space that attracts buyers and retailers, because every time it offers new ideas and new motives for shopping with entertainment for the local community," Inna Sotnikova, Director of the RayON shopping mall sums up. 
In order to see RayDay photo report, please, follow the link https://www.facebook.com/rayon.com.ua/photos/a.1632943613539658/1632943653539654/