Prospekt became the best shopping mall on corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Arricano company was recognized in three categories at the Retail & Development Business Awards. Prospekt shopping mall has become The Best Shopping Mall for Corporate Social Responsibility. Prospekt shopping mall has the second award in The Best Shopping Mall for Marketing rating. RayON shopping mall has the second award in The Best Medium-Sized Shopping Mall rating. The best retailers and developers of Ukraine awarding ceremony was held on September 14, 2017.

Mykhailo Merkulov, CEO of Arricano Real Estate PLC, emphasizes: "In the strategy context - making every Arricano's shopping mall a comfortable social space - the awards received show that we are moving in the right direction and fulfill our goals", - the CEO said. Also, Mykhailo stressed that every year the desire of market players to make shops and shopping malls of Ukraine professional and atmospheric is becoming more and more active. And, according to the grades and awards, the market demonstrates such development.

The Best Shopping Mall for Corporate Social Responsibility nomination has for the first time appeared in 2017. And that is why it is especially important for Arricano that Prospekt has become the first winner in this rating.

Ivan Zaytsev, the Association of Retailers of Ukraine portal's Chief Editor, notes the growing relevance of the new nomination: «Corporate social responsibility has now become an important component of any company's image. Especially those, that are working in consumer markets and are constantly contacting with a large number of consumers. I am very glad that Arricano understands the CSR value for business, and gives all companies in the retail and development spheres a very correct example, sets new high benchmarks. I think that experts have completely deservedly recognized Prospekt shopping mall as the best shopping mall of Ukraine on corporate social responsibility. Numerous campaigns, projects, initiatives implemented by the Arricano team help tenants, as well as the market as whole, startup entrepreneurs, students and consumers growing. I wish a further successes to them!»

Nataliia Dmytrenko, the Marketing Director of Arricano, mentions B2B Upgrade by Arricano (free educational project for tenants) and B2S by Arricano (free educational project for students) among the implemented systematic CSR projects; among the CSR-initiatives in Prospekt shopping mall the following were mentioned: special projects «Changing old clothes for the new!», «Buy a LIMO TM ice-cream to help the Tabletochki fund», «Prospekt Healthy Point», «Dreaming about the school in which ...».

«Arricano is implementing a comprehensive program of corporate social responsibility», - says the Marketing Director. - «We provide an opportunity for both guests and tenants to become part of a great act of kindness, show their social responsibility within our social projects or initiate their own. That is why it is significant for us that the CSR-projects implemented in Prospekt shopping mall have become noticeable in the industry».

Retail & Development Awards is an annual project of the Association of Retailers of Ukraine, whose goal is to determine the best Retailers of the Year and the Best Shopping Malls. The Expert Council of the Retail & Development Business Awards and market participants took part in choosing the best ones.