Prospekt-respect: dynamics of shopping mall modeling for 7 years

In October, Prospekt shopping mall celebrated its Birthday in the Prospekt-respect concept. This year it turned 7 years old, which means that the shopping mall's brand has confidently anchored itself on the left bank of the capital as a meeting and shopping place, a residence of brands and trends. And at the same time, as a social and cultural space where interesting events take place for the whole family. Therefore, the slogan of the shopping mall is "Take care of things important for yourself and your family".

The Prospect-respect concept symbolically demonstrates the intentions of the shopping mall – friendliness, gratitude to guests for top-of-mind and brand choice, for openness, reciprocity, development of cooperation with tenants, partners and visitors of the shopping mall.  The festival was headlined by a concert of Ukrainian singer MamaRika. This is the first time that the artist's performance took place not inside the Prospekt shopping mall, but on the street – this was organized for the safety of visitors.

At the same time, the program provided an opportunity to express themselves to young performers and beginners who presented their vocal and dance performances, as well as juniors of the artistic and creative genre and sports clubs. "We are convinced that during the special events, our guests are pleased not only to "consume" the entertainment content of the shopping mall, but also to be part of the action, the heroes of the celebration. This creates a commitment to the shopping mall, which opens up creative prospects for young people. This is the point of positioning a social space where you can express yourself not only as a buyer, but also as an actor, performer, athlete, creator of artistic skills," commented Olena Obukhivska, Communications Director of the shopping mall.

About marketing 
Prospekt shopping mall clearly identifies its brand identity, which is immediately perceived by the target audience. The brand actively communicates with consumers online and offline and regularly gives pleasant prizes and bonuses. "We are sure that the pleasant emotion that accompanies shopping "works" better than a discount. Our current innovation in developing relationships with visitors is our stylish secret boxes. What's inside becomes known when the "prize-winner" starts unpacking. Therefore, the effect of curiosity and intrigue is added to the pleasant feeling of the gift. We made sure that more emotions are caused not just by a certificate, but by a stylish box. And this is also respect for our audience, "says Olena Pohodina, Marketing Director of the shopping mall.
In 2021 alone, more than 2,000 small and large gifts from tenants were raffled off in Prospekt shopping mall, which were mentioned in the media and on the media platforms of the shopping mall. Therefore, we can confidently say that Prospekt shopping mall is an active, recognizable brand that encourages retail brands to communicate and interact with customers, and visitors return to the mall for a portion of new pleasant emotional triggers.
The BTL program of the shopping mall also embodies many innovations, the main one of which is the social component. This year, Prospekt shopping mall implemented two author's projects - Teachers' Self Upgrade and Fashion & Profession, which have no analogues in the Ukrainian retail and development market 

About rental relationships
Tenant-mix in Prospekt shopping mall covers more than 100 brands in various product categories, providing customers with a wide range of products. "This year we expanded the category of "Sports" by inviting the French Decathlon to cooperate. We have a strong pool of electronics and fashion operators. In the future, we are considering several more bright discoveries," commented Denys Kornuta, Director of the Retail Space Department. 

About shopping mall's management and operational issues
The shopping mall is an object of social significance, because thousands of guests visit it every day to solve their problems, satisfy their needs and be filled with new emotions and consumer experience. According to its architectural concept, Prospekt shopping mall is bright, comfortable, with a pleasant atmosphere and convenient for leisure. "For each target audience, we can offer a set of options and services. For example, for teachers, this is a list of fashion brands, coffee and meals on the food court, an assortment of equipment in electronics stores that provide loans, as well as themed leisure activities. Each customer has their own route and request. And we respond flexibly to these requests with our proposals," Inna Sotnikova, Director of Prospekt shopping mall, is convinced.

About leadership and responding to challenges
Prospekt shopping mall's social portfolio includes many awards and recognitions. These are, among others, "The best shopping mall for corporate social responsibility", and the highest traffic rate among shopping malls. The projects implemented in the shopping mall were also highly appreciated by both experts and the public. "It is important for us to be in the trend of social changes and challenges, respond to consumer requests and even stay ahead, offering convenient and comfortable solutions for shopping and leisure, develop relationships with communities and form an image of the shopping mall where you want to come again and again, spend your social leisure time and feel cared for," said Anna Chubotina, CEO of Arricano.
The development market is constantly undergoing changes, strengthening online, and new properties are appearing. And it is thanks to the emotional attachment of visitors to the Prospekt shopping mall brand, innovative approaches to service, leisure, cultural and CSR projects, new tenants and updating concepts inside stores that Prospekt attracts its audience, which appreciates care, comfort and a pleasant atmosphere, where everything is bright, clear and well-known. After all, everything is easy to find out in the media and on the media platforms of Prospekt shopping mall.