About the visit of the Minister of Health of Ukraine to the City Mall shopping mall

Yesterday, Viktor Liashko, the Minister of Health of Ukraine, visited the City Mall shopping mall during an official visit to Zaporizhzhia and highly appreciated the efforts of the shopping mall's team to initiate and equip the vaccination center. This place was transferred to the city Department of health care for use on a free basis. After all, 500-600 people are vaccinated daily in the City Mall shopping mall, and with the introduction of the "red" level of epidemic danger in the Zaporizka region, this number has increased to 900.
The City Mall's team has created convenient working, hygiene and respite conditions for the medical team that works daily in the shopping mall. Visitors to the City Mall express their gratitude for the opportunity to get this medical service comfortably, while shopping and immediately go for coffee. For many, this is much more convenient than if you had to go to a polyclinic or other medical institution. 
"The Minister of Health made sure that shopping malls as socially-oriented spaces are ideal for mass vaccination, because the necessary safety measures are observed here," says Vardui Batrakova, Director of the City Mall shopping mall.
The vaccination point in the City Mall has been operating since July, and this is one of the first Ukrainian cases of increasing the vaccination culture in the shopping mall's space.

Photo: https://suspilne.media/