About the resumption of operation of “Prospekt” and “RayON” shopping malls

Arricano is pleased to announce that on May 30, “Prospekt” and “RayON” malls will resume their operation. Kyiv authorities have decided to remove temporary restrictions on visitors' access to shopping malls, except for food courts areas, cinemas and entertainment centers.

Anna Chubotina, CEO of Arricano, said, “The decision of Kyiv authorities to resume the work of the malls received a wide response and positive feedback from developers, tenants and visitors. Now we face a new challenge - to encourage customers to go shopping and provide a safe space in the mall, taking all possible measures to disinfect the premises. During our advertising campaign we invite our guests to shopping and ask them to observe a respiratory etiquette.”

At the moment, all tenants of the mall have been instructed on the current requirements and rules of work in the conditions of quarantine softening, initial sanitary control, thermal screening and visual inspection of visitors are carried out regularly. At the entrance groups of the mall there are mobile racks with disinfectants and mask automats. Thorough cleaning and disinfection of the premises are carried out in our shopping malls.

The announcement was published on AIM media site of London Stock Exchange - https://www.londonstockexchange.com/news-article/ARO/re-opening-of-shopping-centres/14559285
The key message of our advertising campaign is “Welcome to shopping!”