About the resumption of Сity Mall and Sun Gallery malls operation

Arricano is pleased to inform you that the local authorities in Zaporizhzhia and Kryvyi Rih have lifted temporary restrictions on access for visitors to shopping and entertainment complexes. Starting today, City Mall and Sun Gallery mall will resume their work.  According to the decision of the authorities, food courts and entertainment centers remain restricted in their activities. 
City Mall of Zaporizhzhia and Sun Gallery of Kryvyi Rih are ready to welcome visitors. Throughout the entire time, Arricano's shopping malls regularly carry out disinfection measures with special means, thorough ventilation of the premises, and disinfectants are added to all solutions for wet cleaning. After all, the main goal is the safety of space in shopping malls. 
Before opening the company has developed a special information campaign – "Welcome to shopping", "Welcome to choose" and "Welcome to try on." The communication slogan emphasizes the main advantages of shopping in a shopping mall - tactile sensations, freedom and confidence of choice while making purchases. 
Vardui Batrakova and Maryna Baranova, Directors of City Mall and Sun Gallery, told personally on the media resources of the malls about all security measures and disinfection carried out in the space of each mall. Their posts received high coverage and response rates with just organic traffic . This confirms that guests are actively monitoring events in the shopping malls and are looking forward to their opening in order to return to their usual life, stay, get new customer experience and make confident purchases. 
Other Arricano's shopping malls are only partially open, and only grocery hypermarkets, pharmacies, and other stores that are legally permitted to operate are open. We will inform you about further changes in the work of the shopping malls.