About the status of restoration of the St. Nicholas Church building, reporting on funds spent and Arricano's social position

For the first time in the renovated St. Nicholas Church, an observation press event was held, which was attended by representatives of all interested parties who are rooting for the restoration of this architectural pearl of Ukraine. These are patrons, journalists, employees of a contractor that deals with repair and construction works, civil servants of the Ministry of culture and information policy of Ukraine, and independent experts, in particular, Masi Nayyem, who coordinates the funds of the "Foundation of the St. Nicholas Church".  

The meeting was held on the occasion of the end of emergency response work performed at the expense of funds received from patrons. "The amounts of voluntary aid are impressive, as is the speed with which they were collected. I am grateful to all the benefactors who joined the rescue of the monument. In my opinion, we managed to achieve open communication between the state, business representatives and citizens of Ukraine," said Oleksandr Tkachenko, Minister of culture and information policy in the ministry's press release. 

Masi Nayyem reported on the funds that were transferred to the fund's account from patrons and were used to cover emergency response work. "Emergency response works in the of St.  Nicholas Church are completed, all the work was paid for with the money of benefactors. These are 21 companies from different sectors of the economy – development, retail, banking and investment sectors, IT industry, as well as society. The representatives were part of the working group on public control over the progress of emergency recovery work, which was created by the Ministry of culture. Now we are waiting for the documentation to be received and will plan further actions," Masi Nayyem commented. 

Further there will be internal and external restoration projects, which will be carried out at the expense of funds from the state budget within the framework of the "Big Restoration" program.

"By developing our projects, we treat architectural monuments with care and respect, restoring them and integrating them into modern concepts – as this is implemented in our Lukianivka shopping mall, which is at the development stage in the central part of Kyiv. It is important for us that projects improve the urban landscape and infrastructure. Therefore, we did not stand aside after the fire consequences in the church. We are glad that thanks to our consolidated efforts, the work has been completed in a short time," Anna Chubotina voiced Arricano's position.