About the arrangement of special zones and vaccination in the Arricano shopping malls: 3 effective cases

The idea of creating a comfortable location for vaccination in Ukraine outside of medical institutions, in particular, in shopping malls, was discussed both at the RAU Expo 2021 industry conference and among the participants of the Malls Club. After all, expanding the possibility of vaccination points will remove the peak load on the state medical system, as well as contribute to a faster vaccination of Ukrainians against COVID-19. Arricano took the idea of arranging special comfort zones for vaccination in the shopping mall and identified it as a priority. Considering that this is one of the most important and relevant issues of our time all over the world, and shopping malls are comfortable social spaces where you can organize special zones, at the moment Arricano's portfolio includes 3 well-developed cases in Kyiv's RayON shopping mall and Prospekt shopping mall as well as City Mall in Zaporizhzhia. The plans include Sun Gallery shopping mall in Kryvyi Rih.  
City Mall shopping mall
Last weekend, residents of Zaporizhzhia had the opportunity to get vaccinated in the main shopping mall of the city, the City Mall. The organization of this process was preceded by official appeals to the governor Oleksandr Starukh, and to the director of the Health Department of the regional state administration Oleksii Kulynych, who contributed to its implementation. Two medical teams worked in a special zone for vaccination, the arrangement of which fully meets the requirements of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, as well as an ambulance was on duty.  "Within two days, more than 1,000 interested residents of Zaporizhzhia were vaccinated in the City Mall. I fully agree with the opinion that expanding opportunities for vaccination of the city's population will definitely help avoid potential threats of future lockdowns," commented Vardui Batrakova, Director of the City Mall.
Cases of RayON and Prospekt shopping malls
In Kyiv, the issue of vaccination was also approached thoroughly in order to provide an opportunity for shopping mall teams, tenants and store employees, as well as employees of the Arricano office, to quickly, conveniently and comfortably get vaccinated. "We created lists of applicants and everyone came at the appropriate hour, so as not to create queues. By the way, both store employees and our colleagues of Arricano could add their relatives to the list.  Our task was to provide a team of medical workers with an appropriately equipped area, as well as to communicate with both the administration and tenants," said Inna Sotnikova, Director of RayON shopping and Prospekt shopping malls. 
"At Arricano, we are committed to supporting our team, tenants and the community that unites around our shopping malls to provide a comfortable and timely access to vaccination. We are proactive in our dialogue with the authorities, support social initiatives by our actions, and expect that these cases will once again show that shopping malls are objects of public importance, including in the issue of vaccination of the population. For our part, we are doing everything possible to create conditions in our shopping malls for further vaccination of Ukrainians and relieve the burden on medical institutions," says Anna Chubotina, CEO of Arricano.