About vaccination point in Sun Gallery shopping mall in Kryvyi Rih

The topic of vaccination of the population against COVID-19 is currently one of the highest priorities in the world. State leaders and WHO report on the number of vaccinated people, and to speed up the process and expand opportunities, special points operate both in medical institutions and in other public places, in particular, in shopping malls. After all, these are professional, safe, well-maintained social spaces, which, as Arricano's cases show, can also add differentiated tasks to their main activities in order to solve socially significant issues. 

"The organization of a vaccination point in a shopping mall is a complex multi-faceted process that involves multi-vector communication with the authorities, medical institutions, partners, and visitors to the shopping mall who are interested in using this option in the mall. After all, it is convenient, fast and safe. Perhaps it would have been an incredible combination yesterday, but in today's reality it is a convenient and necessary option even in the shopping space. In the Sun Gallery shopping mall, we set up a special point, installed appropriate navigation in the gallery, and agreed with the primary health care center No. 4 in Kryvyi Rih. Everyone responded to our initiative, and we interacted together, because this is important for our city and for our company," said Maryna Baranova, Director of the Sun Gallery shopping mall. 

The vaccination point in the Sun Gallery shopping mall started working last Saturday. We plan to repeat it, in particular, on Thursday, July 29.