About Fashion & Profession exhibition in Prospekt shopping mall

A new original exhibition Fashion&Profession dedicated to the mutual influence of fashion and profession opened in Prospekt shopping mall.  Interesting stands that provide personal information about 10 characters will demonstrate how a person's lifestyle and occupation affect their image and self-expression.
The principal characters of the exhibition - teachers, actors, athletes, lawyers and directors – showed from their own experience how clothing in different styles forms an image and is important for career, professional and personal development. Each character has in their wardrobe models and elements of casual, business or sports look for various occasions: work, home, walks, and meetings.
In the section "Personal beliefs", which is also visually presented at the exhibition, the characters talk about themselves, their inspirers, their profession and life goals. Each participant appears in a different role. Recommendations of fashion brands, whose collections, according to the characters, suit for their profession the best, were presented separately. For example, Nadiia Sokolchuk believes that the most appropriate clothing for teachers is presented in Colin's, Vovk, RicaMare, Langora, House, Reserved, Mango, and Orsay stores. But Artem Shlapak finds offers from Lerros, Mango, Arber and Springfield more interesting. 
The static exposition of the exhibition is complemented by a digital screen with dynamic videos about the characters, as well as an interactive mirror, looking into which you can immediately evaluate and admire your style. And also become the hero of the Fashion&Profession exhibition in Prospekt shopping mall by posting your photo on social media with the hashtag #FashionProfession_prospekt.
Media friends of the exhibition who are interested in the social and personalized meaning of the idea of mutual influence of fashion and profession are entertainment, business and industry publications, TV channels, as well as public opinion leaders in the fashion industry.
Fashion & Profession is a logical continuation of the previous original expositions in Prospekt shopping mall about the linear and cyclical nature of fashion based on observations, family photos, paintings and photographs from famous art galleries and museums around the world. 
The exhibition is open in Prospekt shopping mall for anyone interested in fashion, self-improvement and personal solutions to achieve success by working on their own image and style. 
This exhibition is also proof of how business tasks are intertwined with emotional and aesthetic ones, and rational calculations are intertwined with contemplation. 
Persons who told us about their fashion and profession:
•    Artem Shlapak, Head of the Malls Club Ukraine 
•    Oksana Prykhodko, CEO of the Ukrainian Retailers Association 
•    Kateryna Rublova, Notary 
•    Volodymyr Krasilovskyi, Legal adviser
•    Shorena Shonia-Radionova, Actress
•    Yurii Radionov, Actor
•    Iryna Panarina, Yoga instructor
•    Armen Vardanian, Athlete, Coach of the Ukrainian National Greco-Roman wrestling team
•    Mariia Marchenko, History teacher
•    Nadiia Sokolchuk, Teacher of the Educational and Cultural Center "Dyvosvit»