About safety in the mall: a social experiment in the Prospekt shopping mall

The topic of social safety in the shopping mall has become one of the priorities for the entire industry of shopping malls. Market players actively implemented projects for disinfection and enhanced cleaning of the premises and spaces of the shopping malls, installed disinfectants and masks, and created special markings to indicate social distance. Shopping malls were among the first to undertake the mission of informing about new rules of behavior in public places: on internal radio, information posters, digital resources, etc. 
This year, all Ukrainian shopping malls were under the close attention of the media, state authorities, bloggers and the entire public as a whole. After all, it was the shopping mall that was demanded to guarantee compliance with all the rules of anti-epidemic safety. And shopping malls have reported on the implemented events and continue to report to the authorities, the media and visitors. 
On December 19, Malls Club of Ukraine conducted in Prospekt shopping mall a social experiment – what visitors themselves think about security in the shopping mall, whether they trust this space when they are in it.
The experiment consisted of four signs with the words "it's safe in the mall", "it's dangerous in the mall", as well as "I follow the rules of behavior in the mall" and "I don't care about the rules of behavior in the mall". As a result, all participants chose the sign  "it's safe in the mall". And all of them testified that they adhere to the rules of behavior – masks, distance, disinfection. 
In confirmation of this, Prospekt shopping mall held a discussion meeting with Meet&Talk experts on the topic "about safety, care, prevention: social and medical life hacks", which was attended by Artem Shlapak, head of the Malls Club of Ukraine, and Inna Fedortseva, family doctor of the children's Polyclinic No. 2 of the Desnyansky district, which is located next to Prospekt shopping mall. The discussion was moderated by Olena Obukhivska, Communications Director at Arricano. The discussed issues concerned both B2B and B2C planes, because social safety is of interest for various stakeholders. According to the doctor, if you follow all the rules of social behavior, you can protect yourself and your family by 90%, reduce the risk of the disease, or even avoid this threat altogether.
"Since March 2020, shopping malls have made titanic efforts, demonstrating their responsibility to visitors and implementing all necessary security measures – disinfection, enhanced cleaning, information campaigns regarding both respiratory etiquette and social distance – both online, on digital resources, and offline – posters and special stickers with attractive bright designs. The audience of a shopping mall is a high coverage indicator, so communication is effective.  It is clear that all this requires additional operating costs. And the shopping malls have made this commitment," Artem Shlapak said. 
"At Prospekt shopping mall, we conduct the Meet&Talk discussion project on a regular basis in order to strengthen relationships with local communities and jointly generate our own useful and interesting content. And just in time for the New year's eve period, we held such meeting to once again focus on social and medical life hacks in the relaxed atmosphere of the shopping mall. After all, the communication program of Prospekt shopping mall provides for cooperation with public opinion leaders and creating author's content from the shopping mall on their own media resources. Both subscribers and visitors like it, because they can also participate in its creation and be participants in this project. Therefore, a social experiment in the style of a survey of visitors to the shopping mall was held in a light way, because taking into account the opinion of others and being interested in their position is an expression of respect," said Olena Obukhivska, Communications Director at Arricano.