Greetings for journalists on a professional holiday

Dear colleagues!
I ve never thought that I would say it, but you would agree  we are colleagues to a certain extent. After all, our shopping malls are no longer square meters of space, but media. Together we create content  useful, fun, inspirational. However, without your interest in our news and events, without your desire to learn more and to tell about it in a tasty and acute way, we would all be bored. Thanks for the interesting materials, for professionalism and the ability to see more, for a talented syllable and sometimes for irony. Happy Journalists’ Day!
Sincerely yours,
Mikhail Merkulov
CEO Arricano

Happy Journalists’ Day!
You can convince, direct, motivate by a word. And you know how to do it in such a master way that we believe, change our opinion, accept the authors point of view, or vice versa  we argue, ask questions, analyze. Thank you for this involvement and experience. Special thanks to photojournalists your shots help in a split second to snatch the most interesting and vivid of each news, each reportage and interview. Happy holiday! Thank you for the high standard and speed!
Best regards,
Natalia Dmytrenko
Marketing Director of Arricano

Ladies and gentlemen!
Congratulations! Media business and business for the media — it's nice that together we change the patterns of thinking and offer new metaphorical turns. Give hints and speak directly. It is easy to reach opponents, partners and visitors through media. I believe in the power of your word that gives status and influence. Every opinion, quotation, interview, article and publication changes the attitude and raises the idea to a higher level of discussion. I watch the transformation of the media field in Ukraine. Im glad that we are in a tone. Congratulations, because media is the fourth power in the state. Congratulations on a professional holiday!
Best regards,
Olena Obukhivska
Communication Manager of Arricano

Ever since I was a small boy, I have been fascinated by history. This led to an interest in current affairs. As a daily consumer of news media, becoming a journalist was second nature. Journalists write the first draft of history and have enormous responsibility in any society. It is a thrill and an honor that I would never forget. 
Peter Dickinson,
Publisher of Business Ukrainian magazine
Arricano congratulates journalists on their professional holiday. This day is a good opportunity to find out why journalists chose journalism as a profession. That’s why we allowed ourselves to interview some media partners. It turned out that the motives may be different. Well, a backtoast, journalists can give Arricano an interview as openly as Arricano for media.

Since my childhood I’ve dreamed of becoming a journalist, because this work seemed interesting to me. In fact, I went to journalism in 2015, because I decided that I could be more useful to my country, city and people. Now I’m both curious and feel professionally satisfied.
Svitlana Romanenko
The editor of, the Kryvyi Rih web-site.

- Oh, there is no need to pass Mathematics! — Mariia was delighted and easily entered Journalist faculty. Even then, I guessed that this is the best profession in the world. That’s for sure for me. That’s how it turned out to be in practice. The coolest events and activities, acquaintance with interesting people, business trips to other countries and every, absolutely each day is not like yesterday!
Mariia Bondar,
“Novyi Kanal” journalist

For as long as I can remember, I always told stories. I did it in kindergarten and school, hospitals and summer camps. I remember that a lot of people were cramming into our ward, and once even the counselors, who had heard about our gatherings, came. At school, I wrote essays for myself and “that guy”, sometimes for a few of them. It took some time for my favorite teacher know about that: I stated differently, imagining how a bad student Sasha or the mathematical genius Serhii would write about knyaz Andrii.
Then I kept a blog, told about myself and friends, wrote articles for several web-sites. However, the stories inside me became bigger and more colorful. It was quite scary, but I tried to write for a big, important newspaper. I’ve made several materials, the editor-in-chief approved and ordered to get a certificate of a reporter. I remember that I kept this certificate and a fresh publication, where two great materials were signed by my name, and still didn’t believe.
I still do not consider myself as a journalist: I just know how to find heroes and tell their stories.
Svitlana Maksymets,
Editor of the online magazine about the life of Kyiv

Frankly speaking, I do not have any beautiful story. I can’t say that journalism is my calling, and it’s even more difficult to talk about some important mission that I, as a journalist, do. I’m not really thinking about it now. I just do my job. However, I always try to do it well, in accordance with my life’s principles. As for the decision itself. In my youth, I wanted to become a sports columnist and a football commentator. You can say that it was my dream. For the sake of its embodiment, I’ve joined the class of sports journalism, which was organized by a well-known Ukrainian journalist Valentyn Shcherbachov. I went through the whole city to study. Then I went to university. On the second course I’ve started working in the business press — the “Status” magazine. And for more than 10 years with few interruptions I’ve been working at business journalism.
Viktor Nahorskyi,
Deputy editor-in-chief of the portal

I came to journalism by accident. It was 2008. I was looking for a creative work. When I was offered a job at Kommersant, I didn’t even know what kind of publication it was, and in general, I didn’t know what journalism was. As it turned out later, journalism is not about creativity. At least, business journalism — for sure.

Veronika Havryliuk
Chief editor of Retailers online publication