Training conference "Fire safety of the shopping mall"

A training conference "Fire Safety of the shopping mall" will be held on April 3 in Prospekt shopping mall. 
Discussed questions:
•    What should a modern fire safety system of the shopping mall be like: components of a fire safety system, basic functions and new features
•    Review and analysis of the best quality offers on the market
•    Period of operation of the mall's fire safety system. Stages of modernization
•    Outsourcing and self-service of fire safety systems
•    Evacuation routes:  number and quality of emergency exits and calculation of their traffic capacity
•    What should the evacuation plan and the related navigation be like. Optimal solutions for shopping malls and stores
•    Compliance with fire safety rules in the area adjacent to the mall and in the parking
•    Cooperation with state agencies in matters of fire safety
•    Training for the shopping mall's staff, tenants and visitors
•    Crisis communication with visitors and mass-media
The conference "Fire safety of the shopping mall" is not a commercial project and will be held instead of the planned events due to the high relevance of the topic and the public requests. We invite all participants of the market and all who are interested and not indifferent to the matter.
The undersigning of the Memorandum "On the comprehensive fire safety measures" will be carried out during the conference. 
The conference begins at 10:30. Duration - up to 14:00
Participation in the event is free of charge.
If you have questions about participation as a discussion expert, speeches and registration for the event, please, contact us:
Inna Krolevetska -
 Artem Shlapak -