The first group of students successfully graduate from the School of Commercial Real Estate Management

On April 24, 2019, a landmark event in the industry has taken place - for the first time in Ukraine, 9 students, the first graduates of the pre-MBA program of the Property management school, defended their diploma projects and successfully passed the international IQA certification (CEEMAN).
Upon the initiative of the Ukrainian Real Estate Club, the real estate market business association, in collaboration with an academic partner, MIM Business School, in November 2018, the Commercial Real Estate Management School has launched as the first Ukrainian industrial education project.
“After this graduation a desire to develop, grow and improve arose,” Olha Solovii, managing partner and founder of the Ukrainian Real Estate Club says. “Methods, technologies and practical experience of the teachers with a high reputation in the market allowed students to gain concentrated knowledge and practical skills directly from the best representatives of the profession.”
It is worth noting that the unique specialized training program “Property management school” has been developed by high school teachers and professionals from the real sector in order to increase the competence of commercial real estate managers.
The projects were strong, interesting, creative, based on business cases and, in fact, were ready-made solutions for managing commercial real estate objects,” Inna Sotnykova, director of Prospekt and RayON shopping malls, who was present at the defense of theses and was a lecturer at the course in the module “Market. Developer” told. - It was nice to feel that the contribution of the lecturers had an impact on the implementation of the projects in general. The feeling that such a course was necessary has become a conviction. I wish the organizers to be strong and keep on working.”
The key task of the School of Commercial Real Estate Management is to form a systemic vision of the industry and systemic approaches in the management of commercial real estate objects.
Natalia Dmytrenko, CMO Arricano, the author of a thematic course on marketing and a school mentor, believes that the principle of organizing of the program which 50% consists of theory and 50% of practice, the quality of complex knowledge and practical tools and skills obtained, the defense of the projects at the end of the training is a pledge of a successful practice for training of professional managers for the sector.
“The School of Commercial Real Estate Management” not only provides our market with qualified and professional personnel, but also develops the market, improves the quality of management in the industry, making it more professional and civilized,” Natalia Dmytrenko says. - 14 school mentors, who generously shared their knowledge and experience, would have been happy if they had a chance to study according to such a program.”
The second enrollment of students will start this fall. The next group of students of the School of Commercial Real Estate Management will listen to the updated program. Olha Solovii notes, “Any specialist have constantly increase his/her level of education, broaden his/her horizons and increase knowledge in various fields, comparing them with new trends. Our school gives such opportunities.”
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